At this point I own about, oh, 85-90% of all US-released G1 Transformers. Of the remaining 10-15%, there's about 5 or 6 that I really want. Then there are the ones that I'm willing to get if they're not too expensive: grabbing a Triggerbot for $2, or taking Groundpounder off someone's hands for a single buck. Then there are the ones that, through some combination of expense, rarity and lack of interest, I will probably never, ever get. Case in point! The two latest improved entries in the Archive:


Skyhammer and Roadblock are both Ultra Pretenders! Frankly, I find them confusing. Best as I understand it, like all Pretenders, they are a Transformer contained within a deceptive shell, except in this case the shell also transforms, and then, like, they combine or something. I mean, just look at their art: in concept they're awesome!

But they're about $100 each on eBay, and that price far exceeds my level of interest by about 1000%. It's unlikely I'll ever find them cheaply... and I'm okay with that. If I die tomorrow, I won't regret not having owned an Ultra Pretender.

But damn! Check out that art! Totally awesome.

(Though the expression on the face of Skyhammer's Pretender reminds me of the Mona Lisa. What is he thinking?)

Both images were scanned from Transformers Legacy, these images were masterfully edited by NegatronDave!

I didn't get it when I was a kid, and I don't get it now. They were basically the Russian nesting dolls of the Transformer Universe. But, I concur with your assessment of the box art. Sweet!
» Posted 6.09.2015 18:35:34 by Tresob
HA! Now I want a Transformer named MATRYOSHKA who just keeps revealing smaller and smaller Transformers inside himself. Of course, I'm now realizing that that's exactly what Ultra Magnus (Minimus Ambus) is in the More Than Meets the Eye comics.
» Posted 6.10.2015 9:55:45 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Shhh...spoilers! Oh, wait...they just released that figure as part of Combiner Wars, didn't they...But to get the full effect, Ultra Magnus would have to pilot a bigger robot, no?
» Posted 6.10.2015 13:08:25 by Tresob
Great site, love the Transformers.
» Posted 4.30.2016 15:45:17 by BRIAN

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