Busting Roads

These are thoughts that occur to me when I think of when I think of ROADBUSTER, the 1985 Autobot Ground Assault Commander.

I loved the heck out of my Roadbuster when I was a kid. I enjoyed having obscure characters even back in the day (this Wrecker business was not on my radar), and the fact that his function designated him as a "Commander" was a distinct tactical advantage when playing with other kids (you could always pull rank on side missions).
One thing I didn't like, however, was that his hips went loose pretty quick...so he either had to sit most of the time, or look like he was doing his morning stretches.
Anyway, great job on the art clean-up gang!
» Posted 5.15.2015 10:52:32 by Tresob
I got a loose Roadbuster with all his accessories in a box of scrap toys at a garage sale when i was a child. Despite being the most difficult Transformer to transform and there being no internet at the time, I successfuly figured it out.

To my disappointment when I was at univeresity my mother gave my TFs to my nephews

Roadbuster did not survive.
» Posted 5.16.2015 14:19:56 by Chris Arndt [Website]
I always liked his color scheme and size, plethora of weapons and his NAME.
Growing up in Texas might have had some thing to do with that.

The bitter sweet aspect of owning that toy was loosing the antenna which appears to be one of the most EXPENSIVE accessories to replace of any American released TF!
» Posted 6.07.2015 22:02:26 by Ryan [Website]

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