Destron Demons!

Pretenders are weird. As such, it makes sense that the most appropriate fiction involving them would come from the Japanese, who have a strong track record of churning out some of the weirdest things in the world. I'm referring, of course, to Transformers: Super-God Masterforce, the Japanese cartoon that followed the original G1 series and featured the Pretenders, the Junior Headmasters, the Powermasters and (squee!) the Seacons. The show happily embraces the whole robots-become-people thing and doubles-down with kids-become-robots. Plus, the Seacon Tentakil seems far more appropriate in a Japanese context. (Because, you know: the Japanese have a thing for tentacles.)

Happily, the Destron (Decepticon) Pretenders featured in Masterforce, who in the show are said to have taken the form of demons, have all just gotten a serious upgrade in the Archive! Here they are listed first by their English names followed by their Japanese designations.

(aka Blood)
(aka Dauros)
(aka Gilmer)

Scanned from Transformers Legacy, these images were masterfully edited by NegatronDave who specifically sought and handled the Masterforce Pretenders first. Thanks, NegatronDave!

Obviously it's time to re-watch Masterforce. Despite my affection for the Madman Entertainment set -- which may or may not have something to do with the fact that I received credit for contributing box art scans for the DVD menus and packaging -- I've decided to order the Region 1 Shout Factory versions so I can watch them on my actual television.

I'm also this close to fully accessorizing those three Pretenders. I just need Skullgrin's inner robot skull-belt (awesome!) and inner robot (lame). Feel free to donate either to the cause.

1) I wonder if needing three modes on the box art was taken as a challenge or a chore...
2) It also makes me wonder what box art would have looked like if every TF had their alt modes featured...
3) And since I'm feeling pensive, it's surprising that Hasbro never developed shells that looked like main-characters but concealed enemy agents...for instance, a pretender shell of Optimus Prime that actually concealed a decepticon...
» Posted 5.15.2015 10:56:21 by Tresob
#1 - I imagine it was a challenge whether they enjoyed it or not. I just wish I could see more of the Pretender shell!

#2 - Probably pretty busy.

#3 - Now *that* is an interesting idea.
» Posted 5.15.2015 11:05:07 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER

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