Shelled vs Shelled

GrandTwo more characters have had their box art entries greatly improved by new scans! On the right we have GRAND, the Headmaster of Grand Maximus, who was the Japanese Masterforce redeco of Fortress Maximus, meaning that Grand is a redeco of Fort Max's Headmaster, Cerebros except Grand has one thing Cerebros doesn't: a Pretender shell. Perhaps the shell is intended to make up for the fact that he was given the unoriginal and slightly ridiculous name of "Grand". I don't know, don't ask me. I'm not a scientist.

Did you know that the word "shelled" simultaneously means both "having or enclosed in a shell" and "having the shell removed"? It's true. This means I get to write the following sentence:

While the shelled Grand in the foreground dominates the image, I'm just as interested in the shelled Grand behind him (in robot mode, below his head mode) as the American Cerebros never had any box art. Grand was scanned from the excellent Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging. You've bought that already, right?


ThunderwingThe other character whose art we are greatly improving today is THUNDERWING, the Decepticon popularized by writer Simon Furman in the waning years of the original Transformers comics. This improved scan maintains the black-to-white background gradient of the original painting. Like many Pretenders, Thunderwing is almost never shown shelled -- that is, without his shell -- which is a shame, because I think his inner robot looks super-cool.

Thunderwing is pretty rare these days. I've handled this figure only once when my friend periL75 swindled an old couple out of a near-complete G1 collection for $500. Unfortunately I didn't really get to transform him because the inner robot was kind of stuck inside the shell and we didn't want to risk damaging the figure as Thunderwing is pretty fucking expensive (about $250 on eBay). Do I want to own a Thunderwing? Let's say I'd probably never buy him at market value, but if he fell off a truck, I'd take him home.


These images were cleaned up by me, but if YOU want to contribute to the Archive by cleaning up some scans, go check out the Reserve a Scan to Edit document, reserve a character, download the art, and get cracking!

Epicly epic scans, my friend.
» Posted 4.21.2015 12:32:56 by Philip Gipson
I was on the fence about Transformers Legacy, Botch. Your review convinced me to shell out for it (arf!). I was smitten with the book, that is, until I bought the Art of He-Man last week.

I've reviewed both on my website, and given you a mention. It's only fair, after all, the book does nothing you haven't done - for free - for over a decade.
» Posted 4.23.2015 4:52:18 by Adam [Website]
At the request of Ginraii, I improved the Gamma levels of Thunderwing.

That guy is a fucking tyrant, I swear. A peaceful one, though.
» Posted 5.04.2015 23:55:00 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER

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