Experiment to Survive

So let's try a little experiment. As we all know, the marvelous Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging book finally came out a few months ago. I had always intended to start improving some of the sub-par entries in our Archive by scanning from the book, but my sub-par scanner was not up to the task. Getting a good scan of these pages is difficult! Plus the pages are larger than your typical letter- or legal-sized scanner. So I bit the bullet, purchased a Mustek A3 1200S oversize scanner, and got to work. In one day I scanned over 20 characters! And then I did some color comparisons and realized my settings were all wrong so I deleted them all. (Sigh) I recalibrated and then in another day I scanned over 20 characters! Now I need your help.

The Archive has always been a collaborative effort. The site would not be where it is today without the efforts of fellow fans scanning and editing whenever and wherever they could. Well, I'm asking for your help again. This time we're going to experiment with a more free-flowing format.

I've created an editable document where you can reserve and download scans to edit as I add them:

Transformers Box Art Archive - Reserve a Scan to Edit

I'm hoping this real-time method will make it as easy as possible for interested editors to grab a scan and start cleaning them up while also preventing people from inadvertantly working on an edit that someone else is already has in-process.

Experienced graphics editors only, please! This should not be your first time playing with Photoshop. ;)

But hey, I can't have you guys do all the work, so I selfishly and predictably did my favorite (only) G1 crab Transformer: OCTOPUNCH ! His crabness and kitchiness helped warm me to the Pretenders, so it seemed only appropriate. In fact, while I will be scanning more from Legacy, most of this initial batch of scans are Pretenders because I feel they are where the Archive has the most inadequate pictures. Also, their black backgrounds work really well on my smartphone. Truly, whatever you think of the Pretender toys themselves, their box art is awesome.

Go to, go to! Put your idle mouse to work and edit! Every time you clean up a scan, Botch does his happy little crab dance.

Great scan Botch!
» Posted 4.02.2015 8:49:24 by Ginraii
Roadbuster is in the works!
» Posted 4.16.2015 10:11:05 by Ryan [Website]
I love your scan of Octopunch -- he looks so clean and clear. :)
» Posted 4.21.2015 12:31:27 by Philip Gipson
Has anybody ever attempted to fix up the original Box Battle Scene 1 yet? because the one you've had up all these years looks like it really needs some tender love and care.

I'd like to try my hand at it. However I only work with Scans that are usually 600 DPI (personal rule of thumb really) especially when dealing with epic battle scenes of that magnitude.
» Posted 8.01.2015 7:47:08 by Gauge [Website]

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