Catching Up

So it's been all positive feedback to the site redesign! Or maybe the haters just don't want to take time to write. Either way, following on some great suggestions I've done a couple more tweaks, including access to the search in the footer, sticky "Home" and "Archive Home" icons at the top left, and some text edits (Dollface is my proofreader). More importantly, I've finally added in a few submissions that had been on stand-by while I was recoding... as well as some new Botch the Crab art!

Aaron Lockwood sent in the 1984 UK catalog (front + back) which you can naturally find in the Catalogs section.

Shawn MacKay submitted instruction scans for the four European-exclusive characters that were missing them: Clench, Pyro, Lightspeed and Fearswoop. You can check them out and all the other UK instructions on the Tech Specs page.

And Ginraii submitted an improved Metroplex! Because he loves him.

An then there's this...

Botch by Brendan Cahill

At CybFest 2014 (which replaced CybCon), Brendan Cahill was there, who has illustrated some recent Transformers comics for IDW. As is now my habit, I commissioned a Botch sketch. I think it's awesome, and noteworthy in that few artists depict Botch from ground level like this (most do overhead views). What do you think?

More updates coming soon. Pretenders, I think!

Titan. I love metrotitan. Get it right will yaz. :)

(Oh and the bottom bar w the Search options sometimes gets stuck half way on the screen when scrolling back up)
» Posted 12.30.2014 1:08:05 by Ginraii
Now I feel foolish.
» Posted 12.30.2014 11:30:25 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER

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