Slick to the Touch has been redesigned!

The last redesign was back in 2005, and a lot has changed in that time. Perhaps most significantly, while desktop screen size continues to increase, many people are using their smartphones and tablets for the majority of their internet browsing. This has led to something called responsive web design wherein pages are designed and coded to dynamically alter their flow and presentation based on the size of the screen. This site now employs this strategy so that you can have an excellent viewing experience whether on your iPhone, your laptop, or a huge panoramic screen like the one I'm using now.

I've also simplified the site stylistically, streamlining the browsing experience and removing clutter. I've removed a lot of peripheral sidebar information (because let's face it, only a small minority of this site's visitors care about my bands). I've moved the navigation off the main screen to instead fly in from the left when you click that top-left universal "menu" icon. I've added "Continue to the next year" links at the bottom of each of the box art year pages because that's how the majority of visitors browse the Archive. Perhaps most significantly, I'm finally using an in-screen modal for displaying images (rather than opening a new window). Stuff like that.

I know there haven't been very many Archive updates of late, and this redesign is part of the reason: time spent doing updates was time I thought better spent finishing this. Now that it's live, I do plan to address some of the submissions I've gotten over the last few months, as well as start grabbing things from the Legacy book.

In the meantime, what you can do for me is to do a little testing of this new site, both on desktops and mobile devices. In my own testing I haven't found anything major, but there are a lot of different devices and computers out there. So if you find something wrong, please email me at to let me know. The more information you can provide -- device information and especially screenshots -- the better.

More soon! Enjoy!

By the way, some special thanks to Chris Duxbury and especially Ryan Smythe for conversation and feedback on this redesign!
» Posted 12.14.2014 18:23:58 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
You're most welcome Botch. This is quite an accomplishment. Get ready for a big 'ol pat on the back next time we meet!
» Posted 12.14.2014 18:58:28 by Ryan [Website]
Nice website! Greetings from Holland
» Posted 12.19.2014 1:40:21 by Katoon
I truly love this web site
» Posted 1.22.2015 15:56:01 by John L. Oliver

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