As Night Falls, the Crabs Scuttle Out

I love new art of our site mascot, Botch the Decepticon Cassette-Crab. I've had some of these for a while and have been remiss in promptly posting them. I'm happy to finally share them with you!

First up is a sketch of Botch that I commissioned from Matt Kuphaldt, a TF fan who is actually responsible for some official Transformers artwork, including some Dreamwave "More Than Meets The Eye" profiles. Matt was doing sketches and selling prints at CybCon this year and I introduced myself and requested this Botch sketch:

The whole thing of Botch using Soundwave's tape deck mode like a hermit crab shell? That was all Matt's idea.

I also bought one of his prints, entitled "Carnivac vs. Bludgeon: Let's Play Pretend," which depicts a nice game of "Who's Hunting Who?" Do you get it?

Speaking of Dreamwave "More Than Meets The Eye" profiles, here is a rendering of Botch's profile in that very style by navtej heer, ~hellbat, who has actually done quite a number of these custom profiles for unofficial characters. Few of them are as creepy as this one, though. It's the mouth.

Perhaps a comment on all these interpretations of Botch, here's a digital render by ~Deruji that shows a seemingly frustrated Botch amidst a host of his cassette clones.

You probably think that depicting Botch's cassette mode is an afterthought, but I love it. But then, I love the cassette Transformers. Love 'em.

And now one more for the Kreon lovers out there. Tresob really loves Transformers Kreons. Like, a lot. And he does a lot of Kreon customizations. Truth is, he's probably got the coolest, most detailed TF Kreon collection there is. Well, he took it upon himself to design and produce a little Kreon Botch in scale with Kreon Soundwave. It is hilariously awesome:


You know, I often get asked if I've ever considered producing a Botch toy, especially in the current third-party market. The answer is: Yes. And I got pretty close, too, in terms of a professional-grade design and an experienced Chinese manufacturer. But, then shit happened, and I bought a house, which ate up a ton of my savings, and, well... it got botched. Maybe one day. We'll see.

For more Botch depictions, check out his page!

Matt's illustration is GENIUS. Kinda wish it was a finished rendering!
» Posted 9.18.2013 23:32:59 by Ryan
Awesome art! And thanks for the shout-out! I'm honored!
But does this mean that I currently own the only Botch the Crab action figure in the world? Should I be increasing my renter's insurance?

(Also, to be forthcoming, that "kreon customization" link leads to "Nexus Prime," who is not me. Much of what he makes comes from my parts, but I couldn't handle painting all those tiny details. He should change his handle to Perceptor.)
» Posted 9.20.2013 22:53:50 by Tresob
Tresob! What's the best link for *your* customized Kreon collection?

» Posted 9.21.2013 20:22:12 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Hey, Botch! Wow...I should have replied sooner (did a month really go by...)
Anyway, my customs aren't much to speak of at this point. I've been vastly surpassed by the likes of Nexus Prime, Kingmob, Vanhound, Mightyspacepope, Hobbestimus Prime, and Boltax--all of whom have been showing off their stuff over in the TFW2005 forums (look for the Kre-o Appreciation thread and their personal threads in the Radicons section).
» Posted 11.08.2013 22:11:30 by Tresob
Matt aka jackpot is very cool. Unlike most tf fanartist which is mostly robit pinup, matts usually has a narrative going on. Easily my fave tf fan artist n the inspiration for me putting pen to paper n posting my own stuff. Which is here! Http://
» Posted 12.22.2013 13:18:02 by Ka
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