Battle Drive!

It's time to post scans from another "Find Your Fate" book! This time it's Battle Drive, which involves some plot by the Decepticons to starve America by destroying all its farmland. Or maybe that's just a ruse to draw out and kill some Autobots. Or maybe they're trying to capture Sparkplug Witwicky, who has somehow "discovered what he thinks is a fatal flaw in the Decepticon circuitry." Which is it? Well, that's the beauty of a choose-your-own-adventure book: it changes each time.

This book is fairly odd for the medium. There's an ending where the whole story is a dream that you, the reader, wake up from. There's a page that encourages you to actually write in the book in the hopes that Optimus Prime will see your warning before they're caught in a Decepticon trap.

Anyway, I've once again cut up my copy to better scan the pages. You can find them in the FIND YOUR FATE gallery, starting here. Enjoy!

I think I still have that book somewhere in my vaults.Have not read it all the way, though.
» Posted 5.31.2013 20:56:17 by metalformer [Website]
Have you verified that ALL of the copies invite you to write a secret message to Optimus Prime? Are you sure you don't have a special copy...the one from the magic bookstore that let's you travel to an alternate dimension in your dreams?

Actually, that would make a fun premise for a film...the adult with arrested development who reads adolescent fiction--and ends up in what is supposed to be a kid's movie like Never Ending Story, and then creeps out all of the magical creatures by being a grown-up...Pardon me, I have to call my agent...
» Posted 7.07.2013 11:15:38 by Tresob

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