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That's the poster I got recently. It's a near-complete print of the 1986 back-of-the-box battle scene, omitting only some of the landscape at the very bottom. It measures 20" x 17" and it is AWESOME. That photograph doesn't do it justice, mostly because photographing anything that's behind a reflective surface is a maddening struggle against glare and reflection.

You're wondering whether it's vintage and where it came from. It is indeed from 1986 and produced by Hasbro, but they weren't the distributors of it. For that we have to look at the bottom right corner:

That's right, 27 years ago you could have snagged this awesome poster for only 4 cans of SpaghettiOs! Adjusted for today's prices, that means this poster costs $6! (Funny, I paid more than that.)

I used to eat SpaghettiOs for lunch all the time when visiting my grandmother on the weekends. She lived in Trenton, which is less than an hour from Camden, NJ, the headquarters of the Campbell Soup Company that made SpaghettiOs (see picture above). HOW could I NOT have been aware of this promotion as a kid?

I did a little googling to see if I could find record of the offer in question. I couldn't. However, I did find on Jason Liebig's Flickr account another similar offer:

I do recall this offer; the promo blurb of Devastator definitely rings a bell. What I can't recall is why I didn't jump all over this. Was collecting four labels too much for my 11-year-old self? Considering Transformers (and family misery) made up my whole life, I don't know what kept me from taking advantage of this wonderful offer.

At the least, it definitively establishes a relationship between Campbell and Hasbro. If someone can locate evidence of a poster-teasing SpaghettiOs label, please link to it in the comments below!

In the meantime, for those of you who would like a copy of this poster for yourself, there are currently two on eBay as of this writing, and they're actually rather inexpensive. Go for it!

When I was in 8th grade (about 1994) that poster was hanging on the wall above the teacher's desk in my math class. Of all the random things. It had been hanging there for years but I could only guess as to who did it or why it was still up. There was a lot of random stuff tacked to the walls of that portable, I suppose nobody ever thought it was worth the bother to take anything down.
» Posted 4.29.2013 0:06:59 by Esco [Website]
Join the club.. Got the same piece off of Ebay and it is awesome! Still looking for the HeadMaster Boxart Battle scene as a poster...
» Posted 4.29.2013 8:57:03 by Ginraii
Ginraii: Yes, I know you have this poster. And yet you left me thinking it was a some fabulous rarity rather than an easily obtained trinket. You monster!
» Posted 4.29.2013 9:25:38 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
I miss the days of mail-in offers like these. The internet has, perhaps, spoiled us (we do get most things through the mail now), but there was something special about being able to collect a few box tops and get something cool like this....
» Posted 4.29.2013 9:55:30 by Mark Baker-Wright [Website]
Although I got those tumblers I don't remember seeing that poster offer back in the day. :( Something more I must acquire!
» Posted 4.29.2013 20:28:20 by Nukéote
Anybody remember any other food-related TF mail-in offers besides these and Cookie Crisp Jazz? The only food mail-in I ever went for was GI Joe Lifeline from Rice Krispies (I'm not sure why either considering I already had a Tiger Force Lifeline)
» Posted 4.29.2013 22:08:39 by Esco [Website]
I've recently acquired a UK mailaway in Weetabix Dragstrip. This was an offer which dated from 1989, required collecting nine tokens and provided and cheque/ postal order for £6. It wasn't probably far off paying the rrp for the regular toy! Drag Strip himself just comes polybagged with a small bit of card indicating he's Weetabix exclusive, a label sheet and the instructions for forming Menasor (or, er Superion, as these instructions would have it) - none for Drag Strip himself, oddly. Girls could get a Sindy doll. They probably got the better deal.

I can't recall any other UK mailaways like this. Even the 'robot points' didn't amount to much over here, just the rather feeble S.T.A.R.S. command centre thing.
» Posted 5.05.2013 7:58:15 by Simon Hall
S.T.A.R.S. Command! oh god i remember that! bloody horrible cardboard base thing..i'm going to dig out my UK transformers comics to take another look :)
» Posted 5.05.2013 13:53:50 by R Sumner
Oh it is beautiful! Don't you have the whereabouts on the original piece of art? I could have sworn I
» Posted 5.06.2013 13:33:13 by Arkvander [Website]
....had seen you mention it at some point.
» Posted 5.06.2013 13:33:52 by Arkvander [Website]

You'd think with all the retro-hispter-hysteria of the last few years, we'd see more poster-scale modern reproductions of this kind of thing. Minus the processed carbohydrates.
» Posted 5.07.2013 7:06:00 by Tresob
I have it too.. I love that poster!! Congrats for yours :-)
» Posted 5.09.2013 14:37:06 by Knightwave
Congrats dude. Something to hand on the wall of your new home!
I have this print too, but its rolled up somewhere...
» Posted 5.12.2013 8:46:27 by heroic_decepticon [Website]
So glad I scored this poster. It is DOPE!
» Posted 12.18.2014 13:48:07 by Ryan [Website]

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