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Some months ago, Camson Tran brought to my attention a Japanese variant I was missing. It turns out that the art for Road King -- the Japanese release of the Autobot Powermaster Slapdash -- is different in the, um, chest area. (Hey! My eyes are up here!) Whereas Slapdash is wearing his "yellow engine" halter top, Road King has his Powermaster engine protecting his modesty. Those crazy Japanese. So I emailed heroic_decepticon, who forwarded along a scan from his friend ZFEAKYE (pronounced "huh?") of The Cave Collection, which I promptly passed along to Ginraii, who took time out of his busy schedule doing CGI for the Transformers movies to edit it. And NOW, FINALLY, BEHOLD! (Road King left, Slapdash right.) Thanks, everybody!

Are you wondering what else has been going on in Botch's Transformers-Filled Life...?

I got Hegemon, the third-party Classics-style Megatron. He's pretty fucking sweet.
He's a little loose in some places, and tight in others, but overall he looks bad-ass.
I'll be selling my Henkei Megatron soon. Any takers?

By contrast, I picked up the new "Fall of Cybertron" Shockwave. Now, I love Shockwave. I love Shockwave. And this is a fairly cool mold. I dig it, I do. But... really, Hasbro? You increase the price of deluxes (fine) while at the same time shrinking them noticeably? Really? Hm. Well, they got my money for Shockwave, but I'm not picking up any of the other "Fall of Cybertron" toys. In fact, I'm probably going to sell my "War for Cybertron" figures. Any takers?

I've been mildly obsessed with Kreons lately. (The little Lego-style Transformers men.) But I don't want the Legos themselves, just the little men, so I've been mostly buying the little guys sans bricks online. I did have to buy Bumblebee and Sideswipe, but at drastically reduced prices. This is good, because I was able to build little Kreon displays!

(The Decepticons get the black bricks because they're evil.)

I've also recently re-read some of the classic Transformers fan-fiction I'd printed out long ago, including (for the third time) the greatest, longest unpublished Transformers story ever written: The Corrosion of War Without End by Robert Powers. It's set in the original Marvel comic universe some time after the end of the Generation 2 series. It features a mix of new characters, familiar ones, and great concepts, but above all it's so damn well-written. Action! Emotion! Innovation! Highly recommended.

And last weekend was CybCon 2012, the annual Seattle-area Transformers convention run by Greg Gaub. My long-time friend Charlie was visiting, and I wasn't sure that he'd be up to driving 3 hours each way from Portland. But he's a trooper (and an understanding veteran of Star Trek conventions in his youth), so we drove up and hung out for an hour or so amid the chaos of Transformers fans, dealers and children. Check out my modest haul!

My number one score was a complete and minty minty mint Slamdance for only $65 (normally well over $100). Being a cassette lover, I've been trying to find this guy affordably for years. Score!

I also found Crosshairs, one of the first Autobot Targetmasters, complete with instructions and decent stickers. He's been on my radar since he was revealed to be a member of the crew of the Lost Light, the ship in the current comic series, The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye. (That series, by the way, is probably the greatest Transformers comic book ever and my favorite read every month.)

Other than those two I just concentrated on tech specs and instruction booklets. Got some great ones really cheap! My tech specs still fit in my metal drawer, but until recently my instructions were just in a neat pile. That said, I finally invested in a binder and some baseball card pages:

It's not perfect. But it's sexier than a stack.

Then again, some things that are stacked are totally hot! Like Slapdash and his sexy top.

I'm so sorry I utterly failed at finding anything on your list even when one of them was in MY FUCKING HAND. I did find Rhyan a not too terrible G1 Bombshell gun from the "tackle box full of G1 parts" guy. He was super nice as always.

After seeing yours last weekend, I had a weak moment at CybCon and picked up Hegemon. I'll hopefully have a chance to open it up this weekend.

I need to get one of those binders as well.
» Posted 8.22.2012 8:38:16 by Tom [Website]
About damn time you invested in a binder. Keep those things pretty!
» Posted 8.22.2012 8:59:40 by Arkvander [Website]
I really like the strange cover drawings on the instruction booklets... They have a dreamy, surreal quality to them. The strange poses, grotesque faces, odd proportions and the two-tone colouring combine to make some memorable images. (See Doublecross, Battletrap and Hosehead, for instance)

I'm not going to talk about the new deluxe toys. Truth be told, I feel like a part of me has been ripped out. To think, toys like the ones we were buying only a few years ago will never be seen again. Something like Armada Optimus Prime or even the larger Movie figures simply cannot be produced today at a low enough price point.

That's some lovely Slapdash art you have there. ^_^ I picked up Dashie sans engine a while ago. I have something of a "Masterforce" collection going. Like hell am I about to shell out for the Japan-exclusive toys, so Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash fill in for Lightfoot, Ranger and Road King. Only a pedant would care. I did make a point of acquiring the Ginrai re-issue over the Toys R Us one, mostly for the box.

What? It's a lovely box.
» Posted 8.23.2012 13:31:09 by Adam Prime
As you note with the deluxe figures, the prices nowadays make you feel like you are getting a deal if you buy five Kreons instead of one big-boy I've been hoarding Kreons myself lately. I'm still missing a few from the initial boxed wave, but we finally got those single-packs around here. (Someone managed to snag every single Galvatron within thirty miles of my house, though, so Starscream is enjoying his role as undisputed leader of my Deceptikreon forces.)

The actual Kreon sets are pretty awful: all gangly and disproportionate in robot mode. They don't even transform. It must take kids hours to rearrange their pieces every time Optimus issues the command to "Transform and roll out."

Also, it's pretty easy to switch the Kreon's parts around, so you can cannibalize the humans for nameless cannon fodder robots, or just kitbash your own forces.
» Posted 8.25.2012 22:31:15 by Tresob
Also, if you decide to get those Kreons out of the open air, Lego sells some pretty nifty mini-fig display cases for about $15 (there are little compartments that have lego plates on their bases).
And...Lego also little speech balloons that attach cleverly/awkwardly to mini-fig necks, in case you want to have your Kreons spouting lines from the TF Movie.
» Posted 8.29.2012 9:50:41 by Tresob
I considered getting some of those massive Lego figure display cases, but I think I prefer doing little tableaus. Maybe eventually I can build a little Ark/Teletraan-1 display for the Autobots.
» Posted 8.30.2012 23:02:02 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
"Maybe eventually I can build a little Ark/Teletraan-1 display for the Autobots."
I often look at the bulk lots of orange and yellow bricks on eBay and wonder if I really want to take that next step in my geekery. It's hard enough getting people to understand why I'm still buying toys...I don't need to make it worse by explaining what I'm doing at the table with a bag of random lego bricks.
» Posted 9.03.2012 12:32:47 by Tresob

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