Botch, by Zobovor!

For pretty much as long as I've been online, so has Zobovor. Back when the newsgroup was the nexus of all online Transformers discussion, names like Zobovor and Onslaught Six and Robert Powers and Raksha were inextricably associated with Transformers fandom. It was a small group of us back then! There was no way to predict the current monstrous and many-headed Transformers online fandom. When more modern forums started springing up, many ATTers decided to stay in their small pond with the fish they knew. But anytime a familiar name pops up, it always makes me smile and fondly recall those classic days, like a Geewunner whose affection for those frail, barely articulated toys of yesteryear never perishes.

So imagine my delight when, out of the electronic blue, Zob emails me to say that he's drawn up a G1 cartoon-style Botch the Crab! Sunbow-style, you might say. I can easily see this rendering crouching low in the same frame as Megatron and Soundwave.

And yes, even the cassette mode. Of course, this image has been added to the About Botch page. If you cruise randomly around this site (or just refresh this page a bunch), you'll see that I've also added some randomness to which version of Botch appears in the upper-left corner.

Thanks again, Zobovor! Be sure to check out Zobovor's Multi-Faceted Talent Showcase for a seemingly endless amount of Transformers love.

More news about Botch shortly....

This is great, love the drawings! I too recall the golden age of the internet with all those names. I love your site for the obvious reason of your awesome image archive but also for the layout. It's very reminiscent of the of the first TFs websites but done in a very classy way. Keep up the good work Botch there are more people who love your work than you can imagine.

» Posted 5.30.2012 8:23:39 by Greenspan
I dig it.
» Posted 5.30.2012 10:49:29 by Ryan
I like that I am somehow considered an important contributor to ATT when I only showed up around 2003. I might be one of the group's top contributors now, but in its heyday...nah.

Still, cool to be noticed, right? :D
» Posted 6.08.2012 9:55:28 by Onslaught Six [Website]

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