Master of Action, Cruncher of Guts

Yet another piece of original TF box art has popped up on eBay! It's strange how years went by without any surfacing, and now this is the fourth one in as many months. The latest is Gutcruncher, one of the Decepticon Action Masters. The auction in question misidentifies him as Roadbuster, but hey, they tried. Unlike the other sellers who were listing obscure Micromaster character art at starting prices of $850 or $3000 -- hilarious! -- the seller of Gutcruncher's art has taken a more realistic tack by starting the auction at $0.99. I'm eager to see where it ends up! Shall we make guesses in the comments? I'm going to go with $65.

Gutcruncher actually cropped up a number of times in Transformers comic books over the last several years. Will this increase his popularity? Probably not.

The first time I saw Gutcruncher, I thought he was an AM Roadbuster as well.

I'm going to say the bid ends around $52.78...
» Posted 5.01.2012 8:39:26 by Tresob
A bit of clarification.... Looks like the auction is not for the original art, but for a color copy of it. I'm dropping my guesstimate down to $12.53.
» Posted 5.01.2012 9:37:43 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
I fold!

Hey, on a sidenote, are you and your commando photoshop artists helping Jim Sorenson cash in on this Legacy: The Box Art of the Transformers project?
» Posted 5.01.2012 18:55:15 by Tresob
You were pretty darn close! (sorry I came to this late. Hope whoever got it is in touch with both you and with Jim Sorenson, as he puts that book together)
» Posted 5.04.2012 11:47:31 by Mark Baker-Wright [Website]

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