Little Robots, Big (Expensive) Dreams

Ever with his digits on the pulse of Transformers box art for sale, Nukeote pointed me to two auctions on eBay for original Micromaster art that I might have otherwise missed: one for the little-loved Detour of the Decepticon Sports Car Patrol; and another for one of the more popular Micromasters, Fixit of the Autobot Rescue Patrol (who actually just made an appearance in the most recent issue of the excellent ongoing Transformers: Robots In Disguise comic book series). I've cleaned up the images from the auction photos and added them to the Archive. Thanks for the tip, Nukeote!

Perhaps you remember I recently told you about a seller that was trying to auction Skystalker's original robot art on eBay? Considering how relatively insignificant Skystalker is in the Transformers universe, my response to the seller's $850 asking price was "Good fucking luck with that!" Well, get ready, because the "Buy It Now" price for the Detour listing and Fixit listing is a whopping $2,999.99. Each. For Micromasters! Good fucking luck!

» Posted 4.21.2012 21:35:23 by Ryan
» Posted 4.22.2012 0:23:45 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Who would've known that the wisest and shortest method of getting rich was not savings bonds, CDs, and investing as we we're all told in youth. Should have let me buy a whole bunch of micromasters Mom and Dad, are you happy now?!
» Posted 4.22.2012 7:35:58 by monuo_ripts
Looking back at your archive of the Rescue Patrol, I couldn't help but notice how unfortunate it is that Stakeout's forearm has "LICE" written on it...
» Posted 4.22.2012 17:06:08 by Tresob

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