Here to Blow You All -- Well, You Know..

Sky High! That's right, another Pretender has gotten the deluxe treatment with an updated scan straight from his original art and thus on the original black-to-white gradient background. He looks ten times cooler now. I may still have no desire to collect the Autobot "giant astronaut" Pretenders, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate this kick-ass rendering. It's only too bad we can't see the chest of the Pretender shell and its hawk-like face. This art was scanned by snipebot. It was one of several that he won when all those transparencies were being auctioned off back in 2007. Why is it only now being posted...? Look, up in the air! It's Sky High! Go, Sky High, go!

Sky High is now the 19th Pretender whose Archive entry comes from the original source featuring the original background. Sadly, there are still 22 Pretenders whose entries are not as handsome as Sky High's. Scanned from their boxes instead of the original art, they are thus on a white background that doesn't do justice to the whole "shell-to-robot" ghost effect. We may never have original source scans for all or even most of them. All we can do is crawl into our protective outer shells and hope.

I've always felt a little like Sky High...

There is much in this world that upsets me... I carve out a little niche, a private corner of reality where everything is good and nice. The world is free from suffering, and any wrongdoers are quickly put to rights by the heroic and noble Adam Prime.

Surely, everyone retreats into a world of imagination sometime? When listening to music, reading a book, or even watching a movie. There is a little Sky High in us all.
» Posted 4.12.2012 13:03:59 by Adam Prime

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