Stalking the Skies for Love and Profit

There's an auction on eBay right now for the original package art of the robot mode of Skystalker, the 1989 Decepticon Micromaster Assault Base. You might not recognize it, because Skystalker's package front features the art for his "assault base" mode. This robot-only art does appear on his USA package, but never clearly: it's in his tech spec in small low-resolution form; and the top half appears on the back of his box above a comicly self-merchandising quote:

I know this art was also used for Metrobomb, the Micromaster that came with Metrotitan (the Japanese recolor of Metroplex) and who is identical in every way to Skystalker. Sadly, no one has ever scanned the Metrobomb art for me.

Anyway, so yeah, the new Skystalker art, the auction, etc. I asked the seller if he would send me a copy of the art without their web address splashed across it. This is his response:

It seems that you edit the box art off the packages quite nicely. There are people that prefer to keep items in their collection private as such I am not willing to provide you with an unstamped image. If the new owner wants to they can but at this point I am not.

You have a nice site and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Well. That's his prerogative. (Was his tone a little patronizing or am I reading too much into that?)

But! Fortunately, he may be the current owner of that physical piece of art, but he is not the owner of the image. Ownership of the image itself belongs to Hasbro. Put another way, if Hasbro wanted to use Skystalker's art for whatever reason, they would not need to ask this guy's permission. As such, we have as much freedom to use this art as the seller.

So, obviously, I've copied down the image files the seller put up and I'm asking one of you guys to take these two obstructed images and make them into a single unobstructed one. The images are two different sizes, and the overlaid text is not placed in the exact same place, so I'm assuming the larger image can be resized down to the smaller one and the unobscured art can be selected from each. I could probably do this... but I'm betting there are plenty of readers who can do it better. Please do!

One last bit of comedy: The seller is asking $850. Ha! Good fucking luck with that! Maybe if this was a moderately popular 1984-1987 Transformer, but Skystalker, the 1989 Micromaster? Good fucking luck!

PS. Whereas I sold my complete Skystalker last year, I re-acquired the tiny little robot. BECAUSE HE'S AWESOMELY EVIL! Not $850 awesome, though.


UPDATE: Fanatical about Decepticon Micromaster Commanders, our hero editor Ginraii could not resist delivering the unobscured Skystalker art to us. I think it looks pretty sweet. Orange and grey are good colors for evil, like Halloween pumpkins on an overcast day with lasers shooting out of its eyes. Thanks!

Ok, I'll nab it and send it back to you...
» Posted 1.08.2012 18:37:04 by Ginraii
» Posted 1.08.2012 20:11:51 by Ginraii
Long live Ginraii!

Good fucking luck eBay seller. I'll offer you $85.10
» Posted 1.09.2012 7:46:12 by heroic_decepticon [Website]
» Posted 1.09.2012 11:07:46 by Ginraii
That right there, that is how over confident empires fall, that is how underdogs always win, that is how the people take control.

» Posted 1.09.2012 19:31:41 by monuo_ripts
Well done, Ginraii!
» Posted 1.10.2012 17:06:55 by Tresob
Well done, Ginraii & Botch! Another great piece of art, archived for the whole world to enjoy.

I had a good chuckle at the seller's expense.
» Posted 1.11.2012 14:31:46 by Adam Prime
Erm, I just noticed that Skystalker had a purple torso and head. Metrobomb had the black torso/head. One could argue that this artwork actually depicts Metrobomb...!

I suppose this is coincidence, as Metrobomb was released a year later, but it's odd how the colourscheme would vary so drastically between artwork and toy.
» Posted 1.11.2012 14:43:24 by Adam Prime
Not really, look at the back of Groundshaker and Skyhopper. They both show artwork from Whisper and Stormcloud, in their original colors.
» Posted 1.17.2012 14:20:41 by Victleo
Hehe, he's since lowered it to $700.
» Posted 1.25.2012 4:21:44 by Runabout

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