Cassette Mode Botch!

Do you recall when I posted the Botch art that currently graces the top-left corner of this site? It was generously commissioned by Carcass and beautifully illustrated by Laurent Libessart. Well, here comes the follow-up to that: CASSETTE MODE!

As with the original piece, the new one is AWESOME.

I love how Laurent chose to maintain the subtle fissures where the pieces separate during transformation.

You may notice this cassette is not blank, but actually labeled. That's right! He made this into a cassette for Vices & Virtues, the album of my last band, I DISAGREE. It's even got the track-listing on there for the "Vices" half!

Of course, I couldn't resist using this cassette mode as the top-left mascot for my Music page, where, by the way, you can listen to Vices & Virtues in its entirety.

So thanks to Laurent and Carcass for another fabulous piece of Botch art!

To see some more Botch art, check out the About Botch page.

A most excellent album!

Man... you HAVE to find a way to have this toy actually fabricated.
» Posted 12.26.2011 22:40:59 by Ryan
Would be such an awesome toy I would buy one lol
» Posted 12.27.2011 1:46:01 by Ragnarok [Website] of us commentators has to own at least a 3D printer, right?
» Posted 1.01.2012 12:17:56 by Tresob
Very cool ! I just bought my first hermit crab today, and in honor of this site I named him Botch. :)
» Posted 1.02.2012 19:29:10 by Bzero [Website]
@Bzero: That is awesome. ;)
» Posted 1.02.2012 21:01:47 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
*grin* I'm amused now to keep getting updates on how Botch is doing from my girlfriend, who has custodial custody (being owner of Crabitat 1). =)
» Posted 1.03.2012 12:24:23 by Bzero [Website]

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