All right, children, now for some show-and-tell. I don't have any boa constrictors to show, or feather boas, or Rocky Balboas. What I do have are pictures of Transformers (and some with Godzilla). Gather 'round, everyone.

>>> The picture on the right links to the Back of the Box Art for Transformers: Victory! This improved picture was donated by Ginraii, who is from Amsterdam, a place that (for now) has the friendliest coffee shops in all of Europe! Ginraii is working on a super-secret project involving Transformers box art and coffee. (Remember: coffee is for adults!)

<<< The picture on the left links to the Back of the Box Art for the Classic Pretenders. You remember when Bumblebee, Jazz, Grimlock and Starscream were all trapped in those hideous shells, don't you? This picture was donated by Colin Bilbow. He lives in England and astutely noticed it was missing from our Archive. Cheers, Colin! (Remember: "cheers" is for adults!)

>>> The picture on the right links to Doubleclouder, the Japanese version of Doubledealer. Like his American counterpart, Doubleclouder could be either an Autobot or a Decepticon. What a cheater! This greatly improved picture was edited by Rultron. He lives in Spain where they speak Spainish. (Remember: cheating is for adults!)

<<< The picture on the left links to Airwave, one of the Decepticon Micromaster Bases. Airwave probably has the most Autobot-esque color scheme of any Decepticon. Remember: black, purple, and fuchsia are the colors of evil! This image was edited by Shrike. Like his namesake bird, I always assumed he was migratory, and that he impaled his prey upon a spike before savagely butchering it into smaller pieces to be eaten gradually. (Remember: birds are for adults!)

>>> The picture on the right links to the Polish Godzilla Posters gallery. I've upgraded the images in this gallery using files I stole from Monster Brains. These modernist interpretive posters are a real treat and I highly recommend perusing them. (Remember: stealing is for adults!)

And don't forget: Adults lie with impunity. Don't trust them! (And don't trust "impunity" either.)

Hmmmmm, coffee!
» Posted 10.09.2011 21:27:43 by Ginraii
Jeez, that Pretender Grimlock looks insanely bloated! And who are those jets with the red and green tailfins? Pretenders Thrust and Acid Storm?
» Posted 10.10.2011 7:19:17 by Arkvander [Website]
Doubleclouder looks freakin AWESOME. Rultron gets a gold star!
» Posted 10.11.2011 14:23:55 by Lamar The Revenger
Wow, awesome back of box Art for Victory and Doubleclouder too yummy. Kudos to Ginraii and Rultron~
» Posted 11.14.2011 1:40:13 by heroic_decepticon [Website]

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