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Two improved pieces have been donated to the Back of the Box Art gallery. First, Rickie Westbrook pointed me to a greatly improved version of the 1988 Back of the Box image, featuring Powermasters and Pretenders, that was sitting in the Wallpapers section of Madman's sweet Transformers site. I figure I provided back-of-the-box image for Madman's DVD sets, it's totally fair to borrow back from them! Secondly, Ginraii offered up a more complete version of the 1990 Back of the Box Art featuring the Action Masters. Thanks, guys!

Of course, the real "widescreen action" news this week is that the third live-action Transformers movie is hitting theaters. Like the previous two movies, I feel obliged to see this new film at least once, but as I did not like the first movie or the second one, and since I really hate Michael Bay movies and the "Bayformer" aesthetic, I expect to once again be underwhelmed. It doesn't help that I am a very critical viewer. Special effects are all well and good, but nothing is more important than a good script. Sadly, that's where the Bay movies fail the most spectacularly.

So! Aren't you even more excited now? Yeah, I know how to warm up a crowd.

... Why is Mainframe shooting Jackpot?
» Posted 6.29.2011 7:41:44 by FortMax [Website]
Awesome find on the '88 battle scene! I'll get rid of the logo's for you and extend the bottom with another piece I have...

As for TF3. Going to see it tonight here @ work... let's see how my shots look after Michael Bay has finished "grading" them :)
» Posted 6.29.2011 10:25:08 by Ginraii
Hmmmm, these edits do look familiar...
» Posted 6.29.2011 17:48:28 by Ginraii
mmmmmmmm.....botch, maybe the third movie is the better one,maybe.......but bay is bay.
» Posted 7.03.2011 14:28:45 by igor
what happened to the other posts?
» Posted 7.22.2011 18:35:03 by Ginraii
Bay destroyed my childhood. Well maybe not quite so dramatic. Besides, the modern Transformers dont look at all bad
» Posted 9.11.2011 21:02:08 by Transformersguy_23 [Website]

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