Crushing Skulls

Tonight was my first night in my new $83/month rehearsal studio with my new Schechter guitar and my new 350-watt Marshall Mode Four amp with 4x12" speaker cabinet. How was it? Let me tell you.

My original instrument is electric guitar [(distorted)]. I picked it up when I was 16 and played the shit out of it with my high school band ("Crayola Death") and my NYC band ("Brompton's Cocktail"). But after that band broke up, I played a lot more keyboards and piano than before. Upon moving to Portland four years ago, I decided to dump my two electric guitars. Seeking simplicity, I joined a band as a simple vocalist ("I Disagree"). Most all the music was written by the other guys, but I did write one heavy metal song for the band ("Two Arguments"). I composed it on my acoustic guitar, but that's probably when my appetite for playing sludgey, grungy, crunchy metal guitar began to resurface. Plus I've been listening to a lot more Sabbath-esque doom metal than ever before...

So! After the dissolution of I Disagree, forced to once again re-find my musical outlet, I decided: Fuck it! I'm going to buy the kind of amp I've always wanted, and a metal-worthy guitar to boot, and I'm going to find a cheap studio where I can play crazy fucking loud until I feel it in my sternum, my balls and my head.

How was it? It was AWESOME.

I played for nearly three hours straight. Old songs, new songs, lots of Black Sabbath... It was enchanting. Near the end, I actually found myself kinda self-hypnotized, like when you're drunk at a concert and your favorite epic song comes on.

And I don't suck as bad as I thought I would after such a long absence from the instrument. Yay! I can even still do my passable impression of a guitarist doing a ripping guitar solo.

The studio is conveniently situated along my commute route for work. It's going to be very easy to simply stop on the way home, sonically smash some skulls, then continue on my way.

Total victory.

CRAB-METAL!!! I can hear it now.
» Posted 3.17.2011 15:55:02 by Carl
NOW you buy that amp? Goddammit!
» Posted 3.17.2011 20:43:07 by Charlie
» Posted 3.21.2011 10:36:31 by vbot
BOOO, I love I Disagree; so sad to see that go. However, take advantage of the studio and record some solo malarchy. That is always wholly satisfying.
» Posted 3.22.2011 16:56:48 by Carcass [Website]
» Posted 3.22.2011 22:57:29 by Ryan
Nothing quite like a shit-load of overdrive and an amp cranked up to eleven to blast away the work cobwebs. Enjoy!
» Posted 3.23.2011 6:58:45 by Prial
Can we see pictures please?
» Posted 3.28.2011 16:12:53 by Wickerman
Picture added!
» Posted 3.28.2011 20:53:12 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Tony Iommi is a god but sometimes the bass riffs never got the praise they deserved.

Any of the first four Sabbath records should be a bassist's gospel. Sure beats strumming along with the drums buried in the mix like these days!!!!

Yes I use to play bass, unfortunately no relation to Steve Harris doh!
» Posted 9.08.2011 5:07:54 by Gloon

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