New Botch Art!

A long time friend of this site, Carcass wanted some original character art of our friend and site mascot, the inimitable Botch the Crab. And apparently what Carcass wants, Carcass gets. So he commissioned Laurent Libessart to do exactly that. Laurent took alcohol markers to paper and produced the image that you see to the right.


I think my favorite part is the mouth, which looks more authentically crab-like and therefore more hideous than any previous incarnation, simultaneously compelling and revolting. The eyes-on-stalks are also unnerving.

I've always wanted an illustration of Botch that resembled the style of the G1 TF box art that this site archives. I think this one just might qualify! So I've updated the mascot image in the top-left corner of this site. Like it?

Check out Laurent's deviantART page for more images of Transformers (and Gobots). And check out the Rusting Carcass Alcohol Abuse Center and/or corresponding Facebook page. Thanks again, guys!

Of course, I still want my own FansProject-produced Botch toy...

Stay tuned later in the week for another Transformers box art update.


UPDATE: A fellow fan, Archangel, who makes custom TF packaging on demand, was smitten with the new Botch art and decided to cobble together a front and back cardback image for him! You can check it out in the "About Botch" page, along with all the other Botch images that have been done. Thanks, Archangel!

Love it! Awesomeness all round.
» Posted 1.24.2011 11:18:22 by Ginraii
Liked the old one a lot, but I can't even remember it now. This is sweet! It's nice to spruce up the site now and then.
» Posted 1.24.2011 11:30:49 by Lord Chumley
Hmm I think another custom tech might be coming soon....
» Posted 1.24.2011 17:00:10 by Slim [Website]
Do you keep an archive of all the mascot images, I don't think I've seen all of them.
» Posted 1.25.2011 19:12:33 by monuo_ripts
Sure! Just click on the top-left mascot image (or use the navigation) to visit the "About... Botch the Crab" page. ;)
» Posted 1.25.2011 19:33:36 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Here's a link for Botch's artwork update at the RC.

Stay tuned for the Starscream/Botch slashfic written by some stupid girl with entirely too much time on her hands. Maybe I'll get one of those 'Botch as an anime girl' images by a crappy deviantartist done too. That shit is super awesome.
» Posted 1.26.2011 17:33:43 by Carcass [Website]
The "Botch as anime girl" image is a frightening thought.

By the way, Carcass, my friend Ryan Smythe (whose transparency scans have shown up a bunch on this site) is a Robo Force fan. I've been enjoying them vicariously through him. ;)
» Posted 1.27.2011 13:26:11 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
I've a complete collection of Robo Force toys in both opened and unopened boxes (sans the ones that were not released, mind you). Maybe Mr. Smythe and I should collaborate on an Robo Force archive. I DO have one of those scanner things... Plus, I'm a Robo Force fan club member from the 80's. ;)

The alt mode of Botch should be ready soon. I would imagine that his alt mode would be that of a CANCER tape. Hmmm... should I talk to Laurent and make that happen? Unless, of course, you are not a fan of that band.
» Posted 1.28.2011 21:44:59 by Carcass [Website]
I just checked out the death metal band "Cancer" for the first time. They don't totally kick my ass, but they're enjoyable. \m/

In truth I never gave much thought to exactly what Botch's alt cassette mode would look like, in part because I think Botch never left Cybertron for Earth. I think that cassette-bots existed on Cybertron, and were logically disguised as micro-cassettes when coming here. So then the question would be, what does a non-Earth cassette mode look like?
» Posted 1.30.2011 14:02:04 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
I bbelieve on Cybertron they looked like Cassettes but with minor tweeks, like the more rounded corners (See war within).. and also they were called deployers, data storage devices.. dunno.. deployers sound good (thanks Beast Machines for providing a cool name).
Now i want to see Botch's cassetticon buddies!
» Posted 3.06.2011 8:14:59 by Hugo [Website]

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