Master of the Universe (He-Man) Buzz-Off with Toy Story Twitch

I confess, I haven't seen Toy Story 3, but when I saw the green insect-man figure in the toy department of Target it was immediately obvious that it was intended as an homage to the classic Masters of the Universe toyline, also known as He-Man. And I had to have him. But I couldn't buy him because December is "don't buy anything that Dollface might conceivably buy for you for Christmas" month. Fortunately that's exactly what she did!

Because this version of Twitch doesn't come with his staff (screw you, Disney!) he has to borrow Whiplash's. He's posed up there next to the only actual classic MOTU insect-man, Buzz-Off. I didn't like how most of the weapons I had fit in his claw hands, so I gave him one of Dollface's Princess of Power (aka She-Ra) combs. It's not just a plain comb, though, of course. It's a honey-comb!

Get it? Get it? Because he's a bee-man, right? Right? :D

SO clever!
» Posted 1.12.2011 0:01:28 by Ryan
I don't get it.
» Posted 1.12.2011 0:29:42 by Tom [Website]
I love Tom.
» Posted 1.12.2011 2:59:30 by Doll [Website]
He makes a good eternian hair-dresser. Time to have your fringe cut Prince Adam.
» Posted 1.12.2011 11:47:39 by Prial
Cool! I'm glad someone else saw the similarities. I mentioned it to my friends, but they didn't seem to get it.

I have a little collection of classic MOTU, though with the release of the 2002 line, I think they're pretty much all redundant [I have nearly all of the 2002 figs]. I think that they did everything right with the new series, and I wish more 80s shows were updated in such a fashion. It remained true to the spirit of the original, but brought it up to date and expanded on the existing 'mythology'. Someone ought to tell Michael Bay that THAT is how you update a series.

» Posted 1.14.2011 3:53:41 by "Prince" Adam Prime

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