Why You Should Buy My New Album: Vices & Virtues, by I DISAGREE

My band, I DISAGREE, recorded a double-EP: an album consisting of two half-hour discs respectively titled Vices & Virtues.
You can listen to the entire thing for free on my Music page...
... but you should purchase a copy of the album, because it's pretty unique.
I wanted to do something interesting with the packaging.
Something thematic. Something lo-fi. Something compelling, but just a little unsettling.
Let me show you...

This is the front cover.
It fucks with your eyes and mind to look at it.
(So does the back cover.)

It opens up to reveal two CDs,
respectively VICES and VIRTUES,
resting within two sleeves,
each with its own tracklist.

Take those two CDs out and listen them.
But don't put the package aside yet, because....

... it unfolds ...

... and unfolds ...

... to become a giant black & white poster,
with full lyrics,
and more artwork that fucks with your mind.

Listen to the album in full here.

Buy the album ($11.50) or MP3s ($6.66) from CD BABY.

Or name your own price and I'll ship the album to you personally:

(Please remember to include a little extra for shipping!)

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For those interested in the background of this package....

The first thing I decided on was the cover. It's a test pattern image for configuring screen monitors. It's hypnotic. It fucks with your eyes and mind. Plus it establishes the black and white theme that compliments the "Vices & Virtues" theme.

Once I had the idea for an origami-style double-CD holder, specifically for the book-style opening with the two mirrored sleeves, I basically just started playing with paper, folding this way and that until I managed to produce what I had envisioned. While it was still folded, I marked all the visible parts (front, back, outer sleeve, inner sleeve, etc.) then unfolded to see where all those parts ended up. What was the front and back covers expanded into those full circles. Interestingly, Vices (black) is on the left and Virtues (white) is on the right when folded, but when unfolded they swap sides. This was great, because in truth we want the two discs to be equal and played in either order. (Personally I'm a Virtues-then-Vices listener most of the time.)

Fitting the lyrics in our CD package was important, but as you can see, it's quite large when unfolded (42" x 21.5"), so it was easy to fill the entire bottom half of the poster with easy-to-read print.

We realized that, once unfolded, not everyone would have an easy time figuring out how to re-fold it. As such, there are subtle instructions built into the artwork for re-folding.

Lastly, to humanize it a little we added thumbprints from all four band members -- still in keeping with the black-and-white theme!

Of course, your copy will have creases in it when you unfold it, but if you really want an uncreased copy, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Thanks for taking the time and the interest to read all this! I hope you enjoy the music. Putting it in people's hands and ears is my only goal.

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