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"Yo, Box Art Archive, I'm really happy for you, I'm-a let you finish... but Micromasters are the best Transformers of all time!"

Well, shit, I have some really great pieces to upload, like Stunticons and a Dinobot, and hopefully I can do some of that this weekend, but since Kanye drunkenly insists, let me get these Micromasters out the way.

Almost two years ago I requested that some people help me get scans from the front of the Micromaster Patrol cards so that, in addition to each individual Micromaster, I had an accurate version of how they appeared as a group on their package, overlaps and all. Well, Neo Kerberos has graciously fulfilled that request. The first batch he delivered went up some time ago, and I now present the rest of them. Thanks, Neo!

Air Patrol

Race Track Patrol

Military Patrol

And while we're talking Micromasters, a reader asked why I didn't have a better image of Countdown apart from the half-image from the back of his box. I said, "Bitch! That's all I got!" Then I went to and perused their galleries, and wouldn't you know it, they have pictures of the Japanese version of Countdown and his box, which includes a pretty nice solo pic of Countdown himself. So I cleaned up the scan and there here go:


It's not related to Micromasters, but I got one more minor update before I hand the microphone back to Taylor Swift. Prial has sent in great scans of the 1986 UK catalog (to complement the 1985 one he submitted previously). You can check out both of them in the Transformers Catalogs gallery. Cheers, Prial!

» Posted 2.11.2010 5:22:23 by Phil Kerbawy
Man, Countdown was one of my favourites when I was a kid. Both the robot and the base. The base was just about big enough to act as "Autobot City" for the larger 'formers. Good times.
» Posted 2.11.2010 15:18:06 by Adam Prime
So do you think the graphic artist was getting paid per bot or per package when these came out?
» Posted 2.11.2010 16:32:42 by Tresob [Website]
@Tresob: Couldn't tell ya, but I know that each individual robot was done separately but as a group (in pairs of two, actually).
» Posted 2.11.2010 20:02:01 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER

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