They Look Human, But...

Dudes. Dudes. Somebody has to clean up this image of Waverider for me (right). You know, edit out the text and the little captioned pictures, fix the parts obscured by those white indicator lines, clean up the white base so that the pictures from the opposite page aren't bleeding through, etc. Since this is a Pretender, the black-to-white gradient background has to be maintained, just like Groundbreaker or Splashdown. The existing entry for Waverider is not that great, but probably still worth consulting.

I got this from a page on X-Entertainment of Mildly Interesting 80's Print Ads. You know you're curious.

But seriously. Dude. Somebody clean up this picture for me. I'm jonesing.

More box art updates soon, and a discussion of the retirement of the War Room...

UPDATE: Dude, it's been edited! Devastator of kitbashing resource Sector 70 labored over the print ad and managed to edit it down to just the art (left). Show your appreciation for his efforts by checking out Devastator's most excellent kitbashes of numerous gestalt team members. Thanks!

Wow...Devastator's kitbashes are just...I
I hope Hasbro has seen those...because those are exactly what I want to see at my local toystore. I'd buy anyone of those over ROTF or even Universe in a heartbeat.
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