Robot Heroes Victory Saber and Deszaras

I love my Robot Heroes! Cute, happy, lovable Autobots and Decepticons, chasing each other around the playground with their little fusion cannons and flamethrowers. So adorable. As such I was really disappointed when several G1 characters slated for release were canceled in favor of movie characters instead. (Yet another reason to hate the Bay movies.) Fortunately, some enterprising individual managed to snag a few pre-production prototypes of these little guys and auction them on eBay. (It was big news.) My bank account was unable to afford the Prowl/Laserbeak pair, but I managed to score the Robot Heroes versions of Victory Saber and Deszaras!

The attention to detail and faithfulness to the original toys is really impressive, and since I haven't seen many photos of these little dudes, I decided to take some myself. Enjoy, internet people!

Victory Saber


The seller is actually selling at least one more pair of these dudes right now, if you want to try to grab them.

Someday I would really like to own the actual original versions of these toys, but for now, these guys more than suffice. :)


ps. Some people might mention something about Deszaras' name actually being "Deathsaurus" or "Dessaras" or something else. They are wrong.

Wow! They look great. Well done!
I was gutted when they cancelled these. Thanks for the heads up.
» Posted 12.28.2009 3:37:36 by Prial
Those are /all/ wrong. It's Deaths"R"Us.
» Posted 12.30.2009 23:10:29 by FortMax [Website]
I heard somewhere that the Tigatron & Inferno [BW] and Ricochet & Predaking were cancelled/unreleased, but here in the UK we're swamped with the things. At the toy store where I worked, we couldn't give them away!
» Posted 12.31.2009 13:16:08 by Adam Prime
Those Robot Heroes were only released in the UK. I had to import my Predaking and Ricochet.

The cutest little Predaking ever, he is.
» Posted 12.31.2009 13:23:27 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Indeed! Bet you were ripped off, though? Toys are ridiculously overpriced here in the UK anyway, add postage and I bet you paid a fair bit for 'em. I think they're pretty cool, myself. If they were cheaper then I'd love to have a set.
» Posted 1.02.2010 11:01:20 by Adam Prime
I should get a set. Deszaras especially would look awesome riding on one of his Brestmaster partners!
» Posted 1.05.2010 13:17:25 by Fosterlager
Awesome, and cute! B) I need to get more of these...
» Posted 1.06.2010 16:24:26 by Bzero [Website]
Got mine today, They're great. Pity about Prowl & Laserbeak though!
Maybe one day......
» Posted 1.09.2010 17:32:18 by Prial

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