I'm a Bad Archivist (but I'll distract you with Aerialbots and Micromasters...)

I'll be the first to admit, I am slow to respond to emails, slow to post new scans and edits, slow to update this site... Please understand, when you spend 40 hours weekly on a computer just for your job, spending more time on a computer at home is hard. I start getting this pain in my shoulder and neck. My lower back starts to spasm. My concentration wanders. And concentration is important! I may not do as much actual background removal of edits as I used to, but I still do a lot of clone-stamping to weed out imperfections in the scans, color level corrections, resolution adjustments, and so forth. After all, we have standards to uphold. Plus there's the coordination of attribution (who scanned what, who edited what). So forgive me if I seem at times to be delinquent or remiss. But let's turn our attention over to some pretty, pretty updates!

First up, there was an auction not to long ago (several people brought it to my attention) for a handful of original TF box art pieces. The accompanying photos for a few of them were of better quality than what we had in the Archive, and Jeremy Barlow of Soundwave's Oblivion was kind enough to grab and clean them up. The greatest improvement comes for the Aerialbot Air Raid, but the scans of Astrotrain and Blitzwing are even better than the already-great entries we had. Thanks, Jeremy!

Speaking of Aerialbots, we also have an improved Skydive edit courtesy of the friendly Nailbomb. In addition, we have two distinct scans of Fireflight in the "Edit a Scan" section that could use some attention. See, Fireflight's art differed from his card to the Aerialbot giftset -- the direction his photon displacer gun points changes. There's one scan of each, but both are partially obstructed. However, a clever Photoshopper should be able to fix each scan with the other one (and maybe his existing entry in the Archive).

The most recent scan of Fireflight arrives courtesy of a newcomer, Neo Kerberos, who also has supplied us with some of the Micromaster group shots from the front of their respective cards as I had requested. I mentioned previously that though I had individual art for a lot of the Micromasters, for their "group shot" image I wanted exactly what appeared on their packaging. Unfortunately, that means that the plastic bubble overlapped over the bottom of the art, and that shows in the new images:

Off Road Patrol

Race Car Patrol

Rescue Patrol

I edited out the backgrounds, but it will take someone more skilled than I if these scans are ever to be repaired and tweaked to remove the remnants of the plastic. Are you up to it? If so, the PSDs are in the "Edit a Scan" section now. If they could be repaired, the individual art for some of these guys could even be replaced (especially the Off Road Patrol). Drop me a line if you're game!

And now I must stop. The pain in my shoulder/neck is piercing and I must step away from the keyboard. This crab has cracks in his carapace...

The 1989 UK Annual has some lovely copies of the Micro's group boxart inside, in a healthy size. The only problem is the image is framed, meaning that the occasional 'master is missing a finger or toe, but I'd say the images were 99.9% complete, and the ones in the middle could probably replace the individual art from the archive. It does nicely for the bubble problem, anyway.

I'd scan it myself for you, but my scanner is of very poor quality. Perhaps some kind person out there could send a good scan in?
» Posted 11.30.2009 11:00:13 by Adam Prime
I have those annuals. If you've never seen those scans before and think that they could help, let me know, Botch.
» Posted 12.02.2009 11:55:06 by Carcass [Website]

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