The Five Faces of Awesome

As an adult Transfan, my enjoyment of the original G1 cartoon and movie has greatly waned. Even as a kid I was more of a fan of the comic, both US and UK. Still, I just wasn't able to resist these custom-made, articulated and battery-powered light-up figures by Impossible Toys:

Click for larger view

Yes, those are Quintessons.

On the far right is the Prosecutor. ["Guilty or innocent?"]

To his left is the Judge. ["Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!"]

On the far right is the Scientist. ["Destroy the time window before it destroys us all!"]

And, of course, that's a mindless Sharkticon lackey behind.

Quintessons are cool. I mean, what's not to love about a whole race of evil, tentacled bio-mechanical monstrosities, usually floating upon a beam of light, who go around experimenting upon and/or enslaving other worlds? Hell, I would probably join them. If they'd have me.

Do Quintessons have to eat? Do they have assholes? I'm betting they've eliminated the need for such stupid things. They probably don't have sex, but on the other hand they do get to enjoy a nice execution every now and then. That's got to be empowering.

The Judges are especially cool. You can't sneak up on them. You know, because they have five faces. I'm envious. I only have two or three.

Verdict: Awesome.

I so want these. Maybe, need these.
I went to their site - no prices listed.
Is it a secret? Do we need to offer services instead of cash? Massage? Re-shingle a house? Become an indo-slave?
» Posted 10.10.2008 8:22:35 by Bastid
Impossible Toys makes them but doesn't sell them. They are distributed by other companies:

Big Bad Toy Store:


They normally sell for about $45 each, but I got mine from an eBay auction for only $25 each.
» Posted 10.10.2008 9:15:49 by Botch - WEBMASTER
Botch, I've been contemplating getting these for some time, but I was really wondering about the quality of them. They don't seem to highly articulated, but that's not a huge concern of mine since I know they are just going to end up behind glass anyways. How heavy are they? Are the paint jobs good? Are you going to be getting the other ones?

You know, Impossible Toys may stop making all of their TF related stuff altogether I heard, so I was thinking about getting these things quick before the possibility arises that they are not available anymore.
» Posted 10.10.2008 9:34:57 by Carcass [Website]
I dunno about joining these guys if they don't have assholes. I don't think I could enjoy living without one.
» Posted 10.11.2008 7:19:30 by Devastator [Website]
Maybe that energy beam port underneath serves yet another function. And that double function could certainly come in handy should you ever end up in prison.
» Posted 10.11.2008 11:58:50 by Carcass [Website]
They're very light, no more than a couple ounces each, but they're still very stable.
The articulation varies. The Judge just has the tentacles, which don't hold a pose like a pipe-cleaner would, but are still positionable, flexible and tamable. The Prosecutor has rotating arms and flexible but not really positionable tentacles. The Scientist doesn't really have any points of articulation, but he does have the light glowing from his eyes.
I would rate the paint jobs as A-: They're very very detailed, I would say ambitious, but there are little flubs here and there. Myself, I didn't notice any flubs until I inspected them in order to answer you.

I don't think I'll be getting the other ones because I didn't really immediately recognize them like I did these three. If, however, they ever did that transforming "Allicon" Quintesson guard, I would snap that shit up in a moment.
» Posted 10.11.2008 13:54:02 by Botch - WEBMASTER
I loved the Quintessons and the Sharkticons! That trial scene was one of my favorites from "Transformers: The Movie."
» Posted 10.13.2008 15:07:59 by Brad L. Wooldridge [Website]
I have 3 of the Quint Judges to show more of the faces on display, also in homage to their appearance post-TFTM (season 4?) There was only one in the movie, which made more sense when the different "personalities" were turned to the front, but the 3 of them seem more menacing...

Also have a Scientist and a Prosecuter, all sweet. I forewent the Baliff and the Guard though, they didn't do much for me in either features or nostalgia.

Totally agree Botch, they need to make a transforming Allicon, I think that's the only transforming TF missing in the entire line!
» Posted 1.05.2009 18:56:06 by firehawc
my bad, I forewent the Bailiff and Executioner...the Allicon is the guard :p
» Posted 1.05.2009 19:06:18 by firehawc

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