I know, I know. I've been delinquent in attending to your blog-reading needs. I apologize, I've been busy. Band has been rehearsing and writing and gigging. Some freelance stuff. But the thing that kept me most occupied all last week was preparing for my first time hosting a Transfans get-together. I wanted everything to be perfect in its presentation. To this end I did a little redecorating.

First, I put up two shelves and loaded them up with my TF: Animated figures. (Swoop and Sentinel Prime arrived in the mail in time, but Ultra Magnus was too late.) Complimenting the display are two small sushi paintings (courtesy of Mike Rossi) and a dead rock star (courtesy of VBOT). On the adjacent wall is a little case with all those happy little TF Robot Heroes, flanked by a velvet Bettie Page collage created by my wife.

Next up was my cabinet. Once a glass-fronted housing for my entertainment center components, this thing was converted to a toy case when we moved to Portland. Unfortunately the unreflective black surface made it very dark for a display case, plus its relative shortness kept it well below eye level. So! To address the first problem, I decoupaged the interior of the case with pages from Designing Active Server Pages, a relatively outdated coding book of mine. The toys in the interior of the case are standing atop the rest of my coding books. And to address the height issue in as cool a fashion as possible, I picked up some concrete blocks from Home Depot to stack the cabinet upon. Add some miscellaneous Transformers and we're set!

Beside the cabinet, atop the rotating CD case, I set up Metroplex city:

But perhaps the coolest new change takes place above all the others:

I finally hung the planets!

Unicron, like the others, is suspended by 6-pound fishing line (thanks VBOT!)
from a white hook in the ceiling.

Cybertron floats still and on an irregular axis above the G1 Autobots.

And the Death Star floats, still and silent, beside the
Classics TFs lined-up atop the ledge above the door.

I finished out the room by hanging a Bob Ross collage above the Decepticons...

... and took this rare opportunity to set up Countdown in base mode
and adorn him with some TF: Victory figures,
as well as my G1 tech specs and instructions.

Of course, the rest of the apartment was hardly spared from my meddling.
The china cabinet was converted to a display for Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain,
as well as the TF: Titaniums. Various electronic components are littered around the
Titaniums to add character.

Meanwhile, a secret meeting takes place between the evil Horde and the villainous Snake-Men.
On one of Heather's suitcases.

And you can't have a full-on toy presentation without the Starriors and R.A.T.S.

So how was the party itself? So-so. I think I expected a little more conversation and fascination about my collection, but it seemed that most people were more interested in talking about what they had and what they liked. That's understandable, but when I go to other collector's houses, I'm especially interested in the pieces before me, so I assumed the same would be true once I was hosting. Oh well. The important thing was that I thought my collection looked awesome. And enough cool people were there that I had a pretty good time.

(You're probably thinking it was an exceptionally geeky night, but I made sure that invitees' significant others were in attendance, as well as some of our non-Transfan friends. There was a good balance. And lots of drinking. It's all good.)

Question about the R.A.T.S. Striker toy: that gray platform-thing on it's that designed for a Wastor figure to stand on? If not, what purpose DOES that serve anyway? O_o??
» Posted 1.19.2010 11:59:04 by TheToyBoglin [Website]
Yup, you can mount one of the figures on the Striker by the figure's oversize feet!
» Posted 1.19.2010 12:07:05 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER

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