Fuck You, eBay

You know what? Fuck you, eBay. Yeah, that's right. I'm about done with you.

I was one of your biggest fans. An early adopter. I've been on eBay so long that my handle is 'botch'; not 'botch666' or 'botch_the_crab', just first-come-first-serve 'botch'. And until very recently, I had a 100% feedback rating, thank you very much.

I think you started to suck when too many sellers were withholding their feedback until you left yours, a blackmail, essentially, to insure that you didn't besmirch their rating. Since eBay takes no active hand in policing the feedback system, the old schoolyard "if you tell on me I'll tell on you" thing actually works, and accusation equals guilt.

So do you revise your feedback system in an intelligent way? Maybe a double-blind system, where feedback isn't viewable until both parties leave it? No! You rob sellers of the ability to leave non-positive feedback at all! Did you do this, eBay, because it's the most fair solution? No, you did it because you needed to increase your flagging buyer base (to please your shareholders). Sellers, they figure, will stick around in spite of the unfair system, the increasing fees and the escalating cost of shipping. Buyers, they figure, need to be coerced back, so we'll give them an unfair advantage.

See, I am a sometime seller. Recently I auctioned a bunch of little Transformers stuff because I had duplicates or didn't want it anymore and figured that, rather than throw this stuff out, I should get it into the hands of someone who will appreciate it. And though I frequently took a loss on shipping and made profits of only a few bucks on each sale, how am I rewarded for my efforts? A newbie leaves me negative feedback — "didn't get it", he writes — only 5 days after auction's end! Shit, man, that's cold! I can and did put my little "reply comment" on this feedback stain, but can I leave him negative feedback? No. That feature has been disabled. The guy won't even respond to emails...

So fuck you, eBay, with your out-of-date user interface, your increasing costs and your shitty notion of fairness. Fuck your monopolistic desire to force everyone to use Paypal (which eBay owns), and fuck your crappy rules. You're a dinosaur on the way out. Fuck you.


Though I do still need Scowl's gun and Chop Shop's stickers, so I'll still be lurking a little bit, but fuck you anyway.

I said 'fuck you' to eBay two years ago when I realized that too many people will pay anything to win, even if their bid is far greater than any conceivably realistic market value.

I still remember watching an Alternator Prowl sell for over $500 when the toy was first released. Within a month the damn thing was a $20 shelf-warmer. I sure hope someone feels enormously stupid now.

But that sort of thing happened far too often and I grew tired of bidding against people with bottomless wallets and a penchant for paying rip-off prices. I eventually made the switch to online retailers, and I haven't looked back.

Go to hell, eBay.
» Posted 9.18.2008 1:54:39 by Mike
Rather than rue the bottomless wallet types, exploit them. eBay's a shipwreck, and they have all those tricky rules about goods actually having to switch hands in order for a sale to be legit. Sites like craigslist are now not only as efficient in connecting buyers to sellers, but they don't have nearly the same restrictions. Result: More morons separated from their cash.

Just this summer, an atheist in Kansas City started selling Rapture pet insurance to born-again Christians. For only $50 flat, you can rest assured that, once you are snatched up by Jesus and taken to heaven during the Rapture, this left-behind heathen will make sure your newly abandoned pets are walked, fed and loved. Turns out he made a killing. But even if only 10 people responded, it's a genius idea. Yay for fools with jobs. And yay for the internet, which combines anonymity with petty mammal emotions to create the most cynical social environment ever.
» Posted 9.18.2008 8:55:32 by CharlieRabbit
I'm more of a seller than a buyer on ebay, and I will admit that ebay is probably worse right now than it has ever been.

Ebay has ridiculously hiked their commissions (FVF) with the trade-off that insertion fees are now much less. The idea for this is to get you to list MORE for sale, since it costs much less to list now (even LESS for people like myself who have an eBay store). However, the fee for selling an item is generally a staggeringly high percentage.

Couple this with the upcoming forced use of paypal, if you will. Paypal, owned by ebay, also charges fee for use if your activity there warrants you to have a Premier account. Keep in mind, that when someone purchases an ebay item from you via Paypal, Paypal is not only taking a percentage of the money you just earned (of which eBay already get an additional cut from FVF), but Paypal is also taking a percentage of the TOTAL monetary amount you receive. That means the shipping and handling charges included in the price! Now, you're losing money on shipping expenses as well!

A lot of people tried to migrate away from eBay back in November when the new fees and feedback system was implemented. The sad, sad fact is that eBay knows that although there are other online selling/auction sites out there (that are actually cheaper, better and in some cases FREE), there is simply not the same level of traffic and advertising as there is on eBay. I've registered stores at eCrater and iOffer, and though I've sold a couple items here and there since November, it's nowhere near as close to the business I do on eBay. I'm not saying I like that, but at least I'm trying.

The eBay feedback system now is horrendous for sellers. You CAN leave your comment of displeasure when someone unfairly gives you bullshit, negative feedback, but you're going to have to leave that buyer positive feedback in order to do it! I had 100% feedback too until some asshole left me a negative saying I never contacted him. I emailed him asking him if he received the item and he said YES. This rammer was just pissed that I didn't talk to him about it. I told him to join a chatroom if he wanted friends and made a complaint to eBay about it. They actually removed the negative. However, another time some other a-hole left me a neutral comment about "the fucking length of time it took me to send shit internationally." I also made a case to eBay about this... they removed the profane comment, but left the rating. It appears that they will fix such ratings and commentary depending on the mood of whomever receives your plea for mercy.

Your ratings on eBay now are also measured in a period of 12 months. Since I have had no negative comments in over a year now, I am now 100% on my feedback. I guess that means people who are habitually bad sellers only have to worry about how many negatives they get a year now. Also, as an enforcement of 'fair practices' for sellers, they are now basing the visibility of items you sell on how you are rated by buyers. This is usually based on a thirty-day standard and depending on how your buyers rate you on 'item as described,' 'communication,' 'shipping time' and 'shipping costs.' I find that within a 30-day period, the visibility for my items can range anywhere from 'RAISED' to 'STANDARD' to 'LOWERED,' all depending on how buyers rate you. That sounds sort of fair when you think about it, but it's also VERY inconsistent. I've just been 'LOWERED' due to feedback I've received weeks ago and I can't tell who left it or in what relation it is to. It's very secretive and undocumented. I sell a lot of shitty, old comics and to keep costs low for the buyer, I tend to send them first class and as cheaply as possible. Because of that, the buyer can give you a low score for shipping time; this affects the visibility of your items in the regular search engine. It doesn't seem very fair to me. I'm also unable to sell items for less than $1.00 in my store unless I pay the extra fee to list them as auction for a fixed price... listing items at a fixed price costs EXTRA as opposed to listing them in your store, so what's the point of selling low-cost items? I might as well throw the shit away.

Forcing people to use paypal means that, for me, I get hit with percentage fees TWICE, both of them going to, essentially, EBAY. And before you bring up alternatives to craigslist, that is also being bought out by eBay, so I would expect the practices there to be up for review in the near future as well.

As sellers, eBay needs us. They should be working for US, but instead they focus on bringing in more revenue by allowing the practices of shitty, fradulent and whiny buyers to get away with marketplace murder. The rising costs and fees only pressure sellers to find other ways to offset costs by listing handling charges and inflating shipping prices. I almost always insist on charging for tracking confirmation now because I've had buyers since the new feedback policy who say they've never gotten items and were awarded their money back via paypal... EVEN WHEN THEY LEFT ME POSITIVE FEEDBACK! Contesting this, paypal will say that they can't use such 'proof' as feedback because they are not the same business entity, but I can't see how they're not.

I say, "FUCK YOU" to eBay every day, but it's not going to get me anywhere. The practices of eBay will continue to rape sellers because they know that they can get away with it. I foresee a day when there will be some type of class-action lawsuit, but I'm surprised that the practices haven't been brought into question yet by any number of watchdog communities.
» Posted 9.18.2008 12:32:28 by Carcass [Website]
Yeah, I'm selling stuff right now, don't know how that will go. I'm hoping for the best, but if I get screwed I'm gonna have to stick to Carbombya, the Junkion Exchange, and Rangerboard (all of which I like, BTW) =/
» Posted 9.19.2008 8:21:17 by the Repair Bay [Website]
I just sold a laptop on ebay and it was a pitiful experience from when my last sell was (over a year ago). i realized that between paypal and ebay, they charged me for almost 10% of my sell including shipping and that really ate into my profits. I may continue to use ebay for buying stuff if it doesnt start to get really expensive because of the new selling practices, but I will find elsewhere to sell my stuff online. FUCK YOU EBAY!!!
» Posted 9.20.2008 9:40:24 by monuo_ripts
hahaha good one, its true
» Posted 9.24.2008 22:01:48 by Joe [Website]
Unfortunately thats the price we must pay for collecting. I must admit that about 80% of my G1 Transformers, plus many others, I have aquired thru ebay. And thankfully I have made it with 100% positive feed back in the last 3.5 years. I does suck when some crap of a toy sells for a rediculous amout of money. But the truth is that Transformers are one of the most collected toys out there, especially when you add the countless guys like you and me growing up in the 80's, getting jobs and getting back a piece of their childhood for a few hundred a pop. And it doesn't help that Transformers have been popular since before they were Transformers; with their endless encarnations from Diaclone to TF Animated. Then the live action movie didn't help because how many guys do you think (including myself) got errections as soon as they saw that moive? And how many of those guys decided to begin to look up their old toys on ebay and get their childhood back?

I've been collecting Transformers for 3 years now and through frugal methods I have aquired many of my Transformers. I sometimes wait paitiently for days, weeks or even months until I make my move. There have been many times I got certain Transformers at a steal while a few times I adimt I got desperate and paid more than I should have. The truth is that before ebay, it was difficult to get what you most wanted. And now just about the only thing you can't buy or sell is body parts. Botch is a prime example of the bad shit that can happen on ebay. But truthfully I'd hate the game, not ebay. They're just here to make sure someone's getting paid. And weather you get your items or not, ebay will get there dough. Now, I only need 10 more toys to complete my G1 collection; anyone know any good ebay sellers?
» Posted 10.01.2008 1:26:17 by Crisfromcal
Yer FUCK YOU EBAY !! AND PAYPAL !! we pay over the top fees for what? a fucking shit service... No customer service, just auto reply emails... These cunts have forgot that customers make a business... Who the fuck do paypal think they are?? Holding my money for 21 days, even when i sent them full proof of delivery... Lets just watch ebay and paypal go under.... faster the better...
» Posted 10.18.2008 22:11:10 by Steve
Hehe, fuck those fucks up their stupid gay asses.

You can use them as they use you: let several items up for sale on the crappy feebay site and when they sell just put a note in your packages advertising for you own website or for an alternative site you might sell on. Drive traffic to your own store. Feebay might control your payments options, listings, etc... but they can't control what's in your packages and that a big FUCK OFF to them.
While you're at it fuck playpal too and offer Google Checkout. Lower fees and real sellers protections against chargebacks.

Easy :)
» Posted 2.06.2009 5:30:21 by chinesesilk.ecrater [Website]
Yes Reese also says FUCK EBAY! moreover fuck the bullshit buyers who complain about items they purchased .AD STATES Item AS PICTURED! NO FUCKING REFUNDS! BIG AS DAY. STILL WANT A REFUND? ok. oh and you want me to pay you to ship item back? ok. so i lose money shipping item to you, shipping item back to me, ebay fees, and fucking Paypal fees? EAT A DICK!
» Posted 2.15.2009 3:11:05 by LARRY REESE [Website]
So why the fuck are we crying about it. Let's find out who can stop e-bay from all this bullshit. let's get some laws passed. Call a Senator, Congressman, hell call the White House and complain. E-bay forces people to use pay-pal because they own it? Didn't Micro-soft recently get busted up for that. It's a lop sided business. So let's stop crying and start making these cock suckers start paying.
» Posted 4.15.2009 1:09:26 by Civilian X
i was suspended by ebay without an explanation, my performance as seller was very good. could be that i received a survey from ebay asking satisfaction factor...opss i spoke my mind. since them i had load of complaints from ebay
» Posted 6.03.2009 17:33:48 by martin
I was a power seller on ebay and got my listings shoved to the rear of pages, stupid of ebay with over 100,000 fb, so me and a bunch of ebay sellers/buyers went together and we started a website to give ebay a big slap... we will not list our own items until the site somewhat gets busy, we will have names to sell like eiStuff-Emp-David this will let everyone know it is a employee of eistuff.com.

we even managed to get a couple ex ebay employees ;-) the things we have learned from them is just starting to be put to use... so we started a FREE site eiStuff.com

we were fine with ebay until we as sellers got the slap in the face, i only had 12 negs, out of 100k feedback... pooey

Big FU ebay.....
» Posted 7.23.2009 8:46:53 by David T [Website]
Something to think about, if you have something thats nice and you feel is worth some money and if you list it on ebay and someone buys it and then decide they dont want it....all they have to do is ask for a refund, and they can do what ever they want to it,Trash it, anything, Ebay will tell them to return it and the hard truth is they dont even have to return it, All they have to do is return a package with confirmation...They dont have to return your item, Ebay isnt going to contest it they are just going to go ahead ahead and give them your hard earned money back and you probably wont even get listing fees or paypal fee's, They dont even take time to check the other feedback of the buyer...In other words your just out of luck and they could care less.
I have had the misfortune of running into a buyer - seller " sweetescape215 " that has a total of 65 transactions and this seller has left negative feedbacks for 4 dealers and Neutrals for 2 .....and I believe they all had to do refunds, Yes including me, After over 2000 successful transactions I had to run into this one, They have trashed 6 good dealers and they was all helpless against this.....Insurance wont even help you in this case..
MY sale was for a new mag still in original sleeve and sealed and they said not as described,
Paypal has put a hold on the funds and I still to this day have not gotten my magazine back,Not thats its going to be worth anything now..
If you have the time or want go chEck this buyer out on feedback left..
Thankyou if you have read this....Good luck if you don't.
» Posted 8.19.2009 11:17:03 by robert
Thankyou for letting me rant, I really really appreciate it. Cheers
» Posted 8.19.2009 11:22:59 by robert
First I must say Botch YOU ARE THE F***ING MAN for the ranting blog. I am a beginning seller on eBay. Like 7 for a feedback score and it was all good until...some shit bird customer was upset that he didn't get his item in 3 days. This sorry (and I apologize for all the folks that don't like cursing, BUT I AM PISSED :) anonymous piece of crap, gives me like 1s on the DSR and a negative rating, but still received the item in 6 days. Not bad for a beginner right. I sent it priority mail, customer writes, after 3 days IN CAPS: WHERES MY STUFF I PAID FOR? IF I DON't RECEIVE MY ITEMS BY TOMORROW I MAY HAVE TO GIVE YOU NEGATIVE BACK. I reply in a calm manner, your items have been shipped. And that he was what eBay calls doing feedback extortion. By the way the shit bird also said it on the feedback. Long story short since I didn't have many feedback points and the bastard bought 2 items through seperate auctions he was able to leave 2 feedback responses. I slipped into unacceptable standards, account suspension 30 days. I call in pissed told them to credit me for all my listings 420.00 WORTH. YOU AINT GETTING SHIT. They did. I don't need them and neither does anyone else reading this rant. LIKE people have said before there are many ways to sell on the internet. eBay is a very small portion. Hang in there as I am too. Well eBay suck a fat VD dick with peanut butter on it, choke and die. Because I am done. OH AND NOW this October they are disabling the free shipping DSR, so if you offer free shipping buyers will not be able to grade you on that. Big damn deal, want to help out your sellers quit being greedy on the final listing fees, you shit birds take roughly 7% off each sale. Some nerve. Lastly, I have to say that I took a survey from eBay to grade them. WHY THEY ASK ME LIKE 4 QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO CRAIGSLIST, (i.e. HOW MUCH I SELL THERE AND WHY!!!) CAUSE THEY WORK THATS WHY YOU SCARED BITCHES!!!. ---END RANT!
» Posted 9.15.2009 13:55:59 by Suck A Mean One Ebay
There needs to be a class action lawsuit . I have been saving my emails to them .. sellers sell an illegal itemm.. that same I am suspended for yet they aren't suspended.. I contacted the FTC and will continue till we can work together to screw ebay into the ground .. melars9@hotmail.com
» Posted 9.27.2009 15:38:26 by Larry
fuck you ebay I hope you and anyone who works for you dies of fucking aids cocksuckers
» Posted 10.01.2009 6:24:26 by your mother
Fuck you dear my eBay. Go to hell for whom ruling that motherfucker site with a cocksucker fucking unfair policies. Let your policies rest in peace with you in hell.
» Posted 10.09.2009 3:47:28 by Mack
fuck ebay theres tons of other sites like ebid where you pay 50 bucks for lifetime no fees after that ever. And not only is it listed on ebid, it automatically gets uploaded to google shopping aswell! and they send you a free fucking t shirt...yeah what ebay you aint got no t-shirt bitch!


just kicked off ebay today because of scammers buying salvage laptops AS IS and complaining that they dont work.

98 percent good feedback over the course of 2 years.
» Posted 10.13.2009 0:50:37 by Jeff
ebay have just suspended my account without no explanation, and have since told me they cant tell me why exactly! Well i never heard such bullshit in all my life...........been with them for 2 years as a buyer and then started selling..............they took huge amounts from me over the year....and then suspend my account..what fuckwits............only had one negative comment over the two years from ass hole so dont really give a shit about that. Very unfair and fucked up system with there ridiculous policies which are truely fucked up.
» Posted 10.17.2009 10:52:23 by sara
Sad Truth is... NO ONE will do anything. It's like the fucked up computer shops in my town. The one I work at is the only one that does HONEST AND FAIR work and guess what? We put 2 of the others out of business.. but the worst one is still in business, ripping people in half, stealing parts, lying to them, keeping their products after calling their customers and saying " Ohh hey, your mobo was bad so we threw it away"

Do you know how many of our customers swore they were taking them to court? I even offered my services and stand in court with them. What happened? 2 years passed. That's right, 2 years pass by and them fuckers are still in business.

By the way, the store is Computer Folks (fucksticks) in Paragould, AR in case you're here.

FUCK EBAY! But still, who's gonna do something? Look how long ebay's been fucking people over. I've been searchign for only 10 minutes and I found dozens of these sites like this dating back as far as 05 bitching and complaining about their fees.

They're doing it because they know they can get away with it. Yes Ebay is tied in with Paypal, that's the other fucked up thing. Ebay's not fucking us once... BUT TWICE!

» Posted 12.05.2009 21:05:46 by Joename
... btw. thanks for the page bro. Great stress reliever. :P
» Posted 12.05.2009 21:07:47 by Joename2
I work 12 hour days often, and without a word of a lie my Ebay Fees are more than I make.

Advertise your own website, Use google checkout and build up a customer base through good communication with them.

Ebay is a *&UCKING JOKE!!


» Posted 1.04.2010 13:19:41 by g
FUCK EBAY YOU COCK SUCKING BASTARD ASS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!! Not only did some cunt get an auction I had she fucken complained and opened a case on me even though she "told" me she loved everything she received which was over $800 worth and then ebay gave her, her money back and then said I needed to pay for the refund...mean while she still has my shit! FUCKEN BITCH...I WANNA KILL EVERY MOTHER FUCKER THAT WORKS AT EBAY AND THAT CUNT THAT STOLE MY SHIT!!!!! EBAY SUCKS DICK!
» Posted 1.17.2010 1:24:21 by OSEPHJ20 [Website]
I got banned because after 5 years and hundreds of purchases with 100% feedback for thousands of dollars, they just realized now that I dont have a phone number and thats not allowed. I hate telephones, and I can tell you there is no reason for me to have one unless I want to use ebay. I would rather not.
» Posted 1.18.2010 12:42:51 by geckosenator
Thanks for the site Botch. I wish for every post on here an eBay executive would get kicked in the fucking dick! Its the upper management at eBay who in the end fuck everyone over. Things weren't so bad back in the day, but like with everything people have to fuck with things that aren't broken. Every new CEO, manager, president thinks they are going to have the next big idea and leave there mark on the company. Real "Game Changer Douche Bags" who have no concept of how things work down in the trenches. I am dealing with a fucking buyer right now who is a real CUNT. Bitch paid for a laptop and has done nothing but complain because its going to take 5 days to get delivered. Holy shit retard you live on the other side of the god damn country. You paid for UPS Ground shipping and expect it to just fucking appear on your god damn doorstep like the fucking tooth fairy left it. And because feebay won't let me leave negative feedback (since she already left it for me) I can't warn other members to block this shit head buyer. And what will eBay ever do...fuck us all in the ass while they sit high and pretty with our "lube" money. I pay my fees at least tell me you love me eBay. Shit! Other posters are right though. No one (at least right now) has a viable option with enough traffic to compete with eBay so we are stuck with them or have to go without and now a days most of us need the extra cash too bad to just not use them. They just need to pull their heads out of their asses and fucking finish what they started. OK so you want to overhaul the feedback system to make it fair fine. ebay owns paypal and all payment and shipping/tracking and communication can be tracked through one or both sites. So someone buys your item...lets say Warhol representation of campbells can filled with prehistoric monkey jizz, and you ship the item within 2 days. eBay knows you shipped it because you used the "print shipping label" button so you get 5 stars automatic for shipping. eBay themselves sends the buyer an e-mail saying their item is on the way so you should get 5 stars for communication. eBay requires all items to have a preset shipping amount stated in the auction and they give us all shit if its too high so since buyers can adjust their bids according to the preset shipping cost you should get 5 stars for that. The only real thing buyers should even have a say about is if the item matched the description. you get 75% automatically for following eBay guidlines and the buyer gets to put in the 25 cents worth. And if for instance a buyer files a complaint and they get their money refunded or paypal or eBay ever actually investigated and found in the sellers favor the feedback for that transaction should be excluded. I mean if the buyer is a fucking idion and didn't read the description and paypal says tough luck (even though they never do) they buyer can't get back at paypal so who do they fuck over? The seller with negative feedback.

One last though. Meg Whitman former CEO or eBay used to be on the board of Goldman Sachs. No wonder eBay is fucking us all.

"I am not a robot, but if I was eBay would still find a way to fuck me in the ass"
» Posted 3.11.2010 19:53:33 by eBaystolemymancherry
Here, here! Fuck e-bay!! I sell fairly high priced brake kits for around about 1000 pounds a go including postage. For each kit I sell I'm required to pay e-bay and paypal a combined fee of about 70 pounds....... 70 FUCKING POUNDS!!!! FOR ONE ITEM!!!! And for what!? How can e-bay justify taking 70 pounds from me for what it's cost them!? What are their costs for every item I sell? 10p? a pound? Everything is automated, it's not like a real person actually has to get involved for transactions made. Their only real costs are advertising and wages for a handful of people working in an office for each e-bay site. I bet for every 70 pounds I pay them, 95% of that is profit. And that's not to mention the extra 65 pounds every month I pay them for listing fees and shop subscription.

So I hear you ask.... well, if you think it's unfair, why do you still use them?...... To which I answer...."What other option do I have?" Yahoo bids fees are less than half that of e-bay's but they don't have any buyers. So basically they have you by the balls, they know there's no competition, you can't use any other bid sites, so they can charge as much as they please! This not only affects sellers but also buyers as the fees sellers pay are passed onto the buyers as higher buy it now prices!

A recent story comes to mind.... Microsoft.... If I remember correctly didn't they get sued for breaching competion rights? They charged a rediculous amount of money to install windows as they knew consumers had no other viable option, most software only works with Windows or Mac..... Isn't that the same as what e-bay is doing? Just replace the word "Windows" with "ebay" and replace "software" with "buyers" and it's a carbon copy.

Anyway, that's enough from me.... If there are any lawyers reading this, please do us a favour and sue the bastards!


» Posted 3.13.2010 0:18:40 by Dan
» Posted 4.08.2010 22:01:09 by PHIL LATHER
FUCK YOU EBAY ---- 'Dil Ni No Mo' ----- Cantonese 'Fuck You' literally meaning 'Fuck your Mother'
» Posted 4.27.2010 2:10:11 by EBay Fucker
I have been selling PLAIN PLASTIC BOTTLES on ebay and those fuckheads just pulled my ad because it said e cig e juice. They also restricted my account because of it! I sell electronic cigarettes on my website, but can't sell them on Ebay err..... FEEBAY because they are banned! The dumb shits don't care about thier sellers and I am glad that I opened my online store DragNsmoke.net NOw I asked this bitch why they took my shit off Ebay and they sounded like a broken FUCKING record by saying "it's against ebay policy" What the fuck!?!?!? How in the hell can a plastic bottle that has 1000s of uses be pulled? I think these fuckers are struggling to make the bottom dollar, so they go after any fucking little thing they can so that they can pull your ad and keep your listing fees! I did get some sort of gratification today though. I told that bitch that they need to do a simple exercise: grab thier right ear with thier right hand, left ear with thier left hand and then give a firm pull. When they hear a "pop", then they have gotten thier head out of thier ass!
» Posted 5.13.2010 20:59:23 by Robert Castleberry [Website]
E B A Y !

B U S I N E S S !
» Posted 6.04.2010 12:14:48 by CARL
Fucking Ebay. I almost started liking them again until there new structure came along and took millions of useless store trinkets that werent paying fees for cuase no one was buying then to full exposure items and now everythign is burried, hard to find. That is my only explination. I say this because I was getting 2 to 4 sales a day and although I have trippled my inventory I an lucking to get a sale every other day. From 1,500 to 3000 a month a livable wage to about 900 a month. Yes I have other work I can do and will start soon unfortunately. Is anyone doing better with there sales since this April so i can eat my words???
» Posted 6.12.2010 11:17:08 by jeff
You guys have put me right off selling on Ebay. I'm desperate to start an online business and I thought it might be a good idea to promote Clickbank ebook products. I can buy the same Clickbank products on ebay cheaper than Clickbank? By the time Ebay and Paypal take their cut, there would be no profit left? How do these sellers make a profit? It seems so cut throat, where on earth do they source their products and how do you know what products to sell in order to make a profit? I must admit you guys have convinced me that Ebay are a bunch of cunts.
» Posted 6.14.2010 15:54:47 by Tony [Website]
Forget eBay, they no longer care about you so fuckem, they have plans to turn eBay into an online retail outlet which means they have to get rid of the small guy.
My advice is join another up and coming auction site like ebid or cqout, the fees are far less than eBay's.
» Posted 6.15.2010 5:33:22 by Fuck eBay [Website]
eBay sucks big time, the most expensive fees in the history of online auction sites plus the most controversial policy changes in the history of eBay.
» Posted 6.16.2010 9:42:26 by Wolfy [Website]
I've been on ebay for 10 years, and for the last two it definitely SUCKS. Between the bullshit feedback policy and seller fees, it's like they know the end of the gravy train is near and they want to fill their pockets before it goes off the tracks. Gone are the days of the guy selling garage and attic finds, now its a haven for selling Chinese dog crap and left over merchandise from small businesses bankrupted by Walmart.
» Posted 7.29.2010 8:00:25 by tom [Website]
Yeah, fuck I use to be a fan of eBay but now it's starting to annoy me the more I use it. God damn mother fucking owners of the eBay site charge so god damn fucking much each time your item sells at a higher price and charges god damn lame insertion fees. Fuck you, fuck them, fucking cunts I'll fuck them up and fucking kill them. Fuck the person who created eBay is a greedy son a bitch. Fucking jew so much money off sellers and buyers. WHY? Because they say we are providing you with a site: eBay for you to do business/transaction between you, the buyer and the seller, when clearly they just want to fucking muchee commision / money off them both. So, fuck you.
» Posted 8.18.2010 23:05:49 by Fuck eBay [Website]
Well, it's been an interesting ride. Unexpectedly, this became one of the most popular pages on this site, due largely because it's one of the top results when you type "fuck you ebay" into Google. It certainly seems that a great many people have been looking for a forum in which to vent their often very justifiable frustration with eBay

That said, I started having to delete and filter some of the posts due to ignorant or inappropriate content that I just don't want on my site. As such, I've decided to close the comments on this post. I'm sure everyone will find some other places to vent.

In summation, though, I think we all agree that eBay's user-friendliness has declined steadily over the last several years. Sellers are unhappy. Buyers are unhappy. I remember when eBay debuted and everyone raved about it. At this point, though, I cannot remember the last time I heard anyone say anything nice about eBay.

The problem, of course, is that they have a pretty solid monopoly on online auctions. Other sites have tried to get a foothold, but an auction site is only as good as the number of bidders and sellers it has, and nothing short of a mass migration would give any new contender a chance. That said, the time is ripe. If an established and trusted internet brand like Google or Craigslist started an auction site with a lot of positive buzz, I'm positive buyers and sellers would flock to it, abandoning eBay like it was the plague. Let's hope!
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