No Matter How Little

Nukeote pointed me to a site called Premier Collectible Auctions where, in addition to having many wildly overpriced MIB/MOSC Transformers, there are quite a number of pieces of original TF box artwork up for auction. The prices range from $3,000 to $10,000. Motherfuck! Well, unless I decide to sell my car — twice, somehow — I don't think I'll be picking these up. But at the very least, a couple of the scans for the auction listing are better than what I currently have, so up they go!

Primarily, it's the individual members of the Battle Patrol that are the real find: Flak, Sunrunner, Big Shot, and Sidetrack. These guys are actually among my favorite Micromasters, because they're atypically militaristic Autobots ... and they're so cute, too!

You might notice that the Battle Patrol "group" art I have is from the front of the their card, where they all overlap:

Alternatively, most of the Patrols' group shots I have are just a single image grouping their individual art, like the Rescue Patrol:

Ideally, since I now have individual art entries for all the Patrol members, I would like the group shots to be like the Battle Patrol, the collected art from the front of the card. Think you guys can help me out with that? I've added the list to the Help the Archive page, or you can simply browse all the patrol thumbnails.

Besides the Battle Patrol, the only other "premiere" auction listing with a scan better than the one I had is Omega Supreme, which is really more a reflection on how unspectacular the old version was. Still, it's nice to have an even slightly better pic for the Autobots' last line of defense.

OK, that's it for now. Time to go smoke.

Yah he had some fo this stuff on ebay but it never sold.
» Posted 6.17.2008 22:04:44 by DoubleClouder
Who was the seller on ebay?
» Posted 6.17.2008 22:41:27 by Nukeote
I don't remember, the last auction ended months ago. Also the Metroplex had a BIN for like $8,999, where as now they want $10,000
» Posted 6.18.2008 12:34:25 by DoubleClouder
Man, it's a shame though...Those Roadbuster and Sky Lynx scans look pretty nice. Don't exactly have that kind of disposable cash. Nice find though!
» Posted 6.18.2008 19:27:59 by Shrike
It's too bad we can't offer a few bucks to send us a high res scan or can we?. :)
» Posted 6.18.2008 21:42:13 by Nukeote
Looking into it...
» Posted 6.18.2008 22:33:12 by Botch - WEBMASTER

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