Archive Update

This be Botch. Hello all.
Welcome to miasmic halls.
This common click ties thou and we,
when clicking through the net we be;
I, the click of pedal units
dancing on metallic floors;
you, a fat flat-headed mouse,
or keys for those the "pet" abhors.

Cloak and dagger be my run...
well, cloak and acid-pellet gun.
Decepticon (but aren't we all?);
caustic; cold; with twice the gall
of bots three four five times my size:
modesty is not my pride.
I'm known to code a line or two
that rhymes for me, if not for you.

But I digress; this matters not.
Our welcome turned into a jot
about ourselves and how we be.
I meant to say, do visit me.
My office door is likewise wide
to fleshlings, Autobots and spies.
Recover us to ebon seas
Where ebon we swims deviously.

Visit Botch's Office for a look at his other sideways scuttles and such.

We should all be kissing the pedal units of Schuyler Bushman for all his editing work. Schuyler has finished Ramhorn and Grand Maximus. The former is the contribution of Raksha (the secrets of the universe will be revealed to those who take the cartoon as canon). I'm going to challenge her snake to an arm-wrestling contest at Botcon. Just kidding. I can't go to Botcon.
Grand Maximus was lifted off of Ken Ng's page. The much-improved Sinnertwin was donated by Jeff Morris, who has a great sense of humor, and edited by HMR Havisham Matthews. Click here to read a shameful article about the Father.
Check out Grand Maximus, Ramhorn and Sinnertwin in Latest Additions.

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