Get Out Your Decoders

To accompany his graphical Botch tech spec, our old friend Slim has kindly rendered graphical tech specs for Botch's cohorts, Bungle and Fuck-Up. To see more custom tech specs, check out Slim's Custom Transformer Tech Specs. Thanks, Slim!




I still intend to eventually write a couple little short stories involving these guys. Well, I wrote one, but it requires revision. It's on my to-do list. My long, long, long to-do list. It comes before learning to play the Moonlight Sonata, but after re-coding Bear with me. Please bear with me!

Thanks, I knew you would.

I would totally pay money for a carded Decepticon named Fuck-Up.
» Posted 2.13.2008 1:51:06 by Esco [Website]
I love how acurate the scores are. Though I did notice how nice you were to Botch. Bungle should be a bit smarter and higher firepower (I mean come on he fires 30 inch shells 5 miles). You are way too nice to Fuck-Up. He should have 2 lines the one he believes and then the actual. Too nice on intelligence and a 4 rank same as Bungle yikes
» Posted 2.15.2008 11:00:41 by todd
"Bungle should be a bit smarter."

Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed this...
» Posted 2.16.2008 9:21:01 by CharlieRabbit
Come now, Charlie and Todd, these are not intended as literal quantifications of the real people who inspired the characters; artistic liberty was taken for the sake of each character's well-roundedness, the cohesion of the Decepticon unit, and sometimes because it was just funnier. I mean, Botch was given a Strength rating of 2, which I will insist is at least somewhat underrated, but that makes more sense if he's going to be an intelligent and useful but relatively low-ranking crab.

In truth, I think the person who inspired Bungle is generally smarter than the person who inspired Botch, though certainly less dispassionate and objective than I am.
» Posted 2.17.2008 17:01:36 by Botch - WEBMASTER

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