Someone Made a Botch

A kitbasher with the suggestive handle of Viagra Prime was so inspired by the digital Botch renders at Iacon City that he decided to build a real, size-accurate, transforming version of it. He would want me to remind you that he's still awaiting some stickers to finish it up, but yo, here are the preliminary pics:

Is that insane or what? I love the mandibles! It even fits in Soundwave!

No, I didn't request or commission this. In fact, I only found out about it when autobotguy dropped me an email pointing me to a forum post. Viagra Prime didn't want to announce his project until he saw how it turned out, even to me.

The sensation upon reading this early morning email — Hey look! Somebody scratch-built a real version of your personal Transformer character! — was, to say the least, weird. But very fun! And flattering.

Anyway, I was unable to cajole the craftsman into sculpting a second cassette crustacean for me due in part to the unexpected strain he suffered in working on something so complex yet so small, thus I must content myself with the knowledge that at least one real Botch is out there. However, I've asked him to send me more photos, especially when finished, that I will be putting up on Botch's page.

I still hope that one day I will own a production-quality Botch toy of my own. :)

Damn. That thing is awesome
» Posted 1.16.2008 21:50:10 by FortMax


And I never ever ever ever use hyperbole about anything.

» Posted 1.17.2008 1:10:38 by Slim [Website]
That is da bomb! I wish I was talented enough to make something like that.
» Posted 1.18.2008 6:06:36 by Necrophon
That's super fucking impressive and, at the same time, was inevitable.
» Posted 1.18.2008 8:31:49 by Mr. Space [Website]
That is so cool - you are immortalized!!
» Posted 1.18.2008 13:44:50 by Mom
That's so cool! If the kitbasher who made it could create some instructions and post them then other people could make their own Botches. Then someone else might be able to make one for you.
» Posted 1.19.2008 21:00:01 by Oreobot [Website]

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