It Was The Year 2005...

Use the force, Hot RodI love it when the present day catches up with futuristic dates conceived by science fiction writers. George Orwell's 1984. Buck Rogers' ill-fated mission, "the last of America's deep space probes," was launched in 1987. (Man, I love the music in the intro to that series.) 2001: A Space Odyssey. And, of course, there's the Transformers movie, which was set 20 years from the date of its theatrical release: 2005.

When I got my DVDs of the original Transformers cartoons from Madman, since I'd already seen Seasons 1 and 2 in the last few years, I decided to watch Season Three, the post-movie season. Like the movie, the season revolves around a small ensemble cast that science fiction lovers may find... strangely familiar...

TF:TM Star Wars Really?
Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime Luke Skywalker Courageous young lad with a greater destiny makes good
Arcee Princess Leia Token romantic interest / plucky fighter
Springer Han Solo Wise-cracking devil-may-care guy
Kup Obi-Wan Kenobi Wise old warrior and advisor
Grimlock Chewbacca Noble savage with speech issue
Perceptor C-3PO Technical consultant with faint English accent
Wheelie R2-D2 Annoying little chirping robot
The Matrix The Force Magic stuff that saves the day
Unicron Death Star / Emperor Giant planet-destroying planet
Galvatron Darth Vader The main villain, but still subservient to his master
Cyclonus Grand Moff Tarkin Cold and hard second-in-command bad guy
Scourge / The Sweeps Stormtroopers Endless horde of warrior clones
Ultra Magnus In the wrong fuckin' movie?

I'm far from the first person to make this comparison online. Zobovor lists more interesting comparisons on his page: the similarity of Leia's and Arcee's "cinnamon bun" hairstyle; Hot Rod and Luke both train against a drone with a light-based sword while the group travels on a spaceship; etc. It's all pretty shameless, actually.

Anyway, so I re-watched Season Three, and I generally enjoyed it. The highlights are still the same, like The Killing Jar, and Chaos, and Webworld. But more generally speaking, I came away amazed that there were so many gaping holes in my collection where Season Three characters should be!

Where's Blurr, the fastest Autobot alive? Where's Gnaw, the voracious Sharkticon? Where's Wreck-Gar, the Junkion leader? Where's Springer, the ... well, he never actually sprang, so I dunno. And Sky Lynx! Where's that aristocratic walking space shuttle /slash/ dinosaur-bird-plus-lynx thing when you need him?

Well, fortunately Sky Lynx is being reissued early next year, I'll definitely pick that up. The rest will come in time, maybe when I've paid off all my damn credit card bills. When all is said and done (collected), maybe I'll post a picture of me giving them all a big group hug. Except instead of me, it'll be Heather, because she's more photogenic. And maybe I'll swap the toys for a stripper pole. Maybe I'll just keep these photos to myself.

Where's Punchy, the apathetic Fisticon?
» Posted 10.17.2007 13:45:34 by Mr. Space [Website]
ooooo.... "Fisticons".... I like, I like...
» Posted 10.17.2007 15:09:13 by Botch - WEBMASTER
Assuming we can include episodes V and VI...
Wreck Gar is Lando Calrissian. You never really know what side he's on. First a villain, then a friend.
Gnaw? Gamorrean Guard.
Blurr is tricky, maybe Wedge Antilles? He's the other guy that seems to be around when the day gets saved. Both are also great... pilots.

» Posted 10.17.2007 17:45:33 by Tevanos
Granting that's true, what would the Quintessons be?

And, I personally think the Junkions are kinda like the Ewoks. They are not squarely involved with the good guys, but they help them once they have something signifigant happen to them (for the Ewoks, it was C-3P0. For the Junions, it's the Universal Greeting.). Just a thought.
» Posted 10.19.2007 19:44:41 by Darkton
The sharkticon pit would be equivalent to the Sarlacc.
» Posted 10.22.2007 13:05:41 by PW
Hey Botch. It's 2011 now and you have all these Season 3 characters except for Springer, who you're thinking of getting in knock-off form because, you know, we never really cared that much about him. Good job!
» Posted 4.09.2011 0:45:30 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER

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