From Brooklyn to Cybertron

It's frustrating to invent and covet your own personal Transformer characters, but have neither the artistic or mechanical skills to actualize them. Fortunately, others do! Thus, finally, Botch has been rendered digitally in three dimensions! And not only that, so have his fellow cassette companions, Bungle and Fuck-Up!

These images were produced by Rainking of Iacon City based on my extraordinarily crude pencil drawings. Needless to say, what he ended up producing far out-stripped my limited imagination. They're truly amazing. You may have noticed that I've already updated the Botch "mascot" image in the site's upper-left corner. In addition, I've updated the crab's profile page and created pages for the ape and condor as well. To learn all about this trio of tragic travelers, jump on over to the Botch, Bungle & Fuck-Up page, which will in turn guide you to their individual profile pages.

Thanks, Rainking! Be sure to visit Iacon City for more Botch renders as well as tons of other 3D Transformers renders and movies. Truly amazing stuff.


Coincidentally, I have apparently of late been in a particularly "Botch-like" phase: standoffish, unconversational, unsociable, judgmental, egotistical, etc. I think I just miss the easygoing and familiar camaraderie of my East Coast friends. I've met some really cool people here in Portland, but when you're accustomed to hanging out with people you've known for 15 to 20 years, the transition to a world of completely new personalities takes some time. At least for me.

"It's not a lie if you believe it" - it works on so many levels
» Posted 9.16.2007 18:49:50 by Donut
Beautiful stuff!
I like the Fuck-Up render...!
» Posted 9.17.2007 7:41:33 by heroic_decepticon [Website]
A classic moment was when Botch and Bungle returned to base after a routine recon mission to find Fuck-Up in stasis in front of his relay terminal and woke him up by shouting excitedly and firing their cannons....

....Or when the new 'cons stationed in the lower deck asked Bungle and Botch about Fuck-Up's stint as the battalion commander in the siege of Autobot City, which he had told them alll about earlier. ("Did he tell the bit about pulling Astrotrain in tow?" "Yeah!" "Oh boy....")
» Posted 9.17.2007 9:15:49 by CharlieRabbit
wow its nice to see them "for real" love the evil glow in the dark eyes
» Posted 9.17.2007 10:14:38 by OG
Botch the crab is my favorite. I'd like to see a video of those three transforming, or at least just Botch walking, pinching and shooting!
» Posted 9.18.2007 20:52:31 by Oreobot [Website]
Yeah I agree, I'd love to see how he moves. Now if you could just find someone with the know-how to really make one working from the pics! I'd love to have a real Botch in my collection of cassettes.
» Posted 9.19.2007 10:27:36 by Necrophon [Website]

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