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I recently completed my collection of R.A.T.S. toys, the Robot Anti-Terror Squad! It took a few years, from discovery to relentless pursuit (via eBay), but at last it is complete. (I think.) In celebration of this achievement, and in keeping with my archival efforts, I photographed each piece for posterity.

Click here to view my Robot Anti-Terror Squad image gallery!

Now you can send them in to catch the evil-doers.
» Posted 1.11.2007 9:26:23 by Sloppy Seconds [Website]
I had like 6 Starriors toys as a kid, but loved their wind-up weapons, so years later when I found out about the R.A.T.S., I was amazed that their was more to be seen. I wonder if the vehicles/animals found in R.A.T.S. were originally planned for Starriors, but then when the line bombed/was canceled, they held onto the designs & made them in Europe.

I know years later Playmates took the Star Shooter design & made it into the Pizza Thrower (although heavily cosmetically modified). Then, in 1993 or so, took the Grapplor, lost the plug-on weapns & changed the colors, calling it the "Ninja Grapplor". When I saw the R.A.T.S. toy I was like "Wait- WHAT? O_o??".

Really cool how those two toys managed to get involved with the Ninja turtles of all lines. I always knew the Ninja Grapplor looked a little bit...OFF for the TMNT line...

» Posted 6.08.2008 23:41:20 by TheToyBoglin

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