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I just updated Starriors.com with an MPEG of the Starriors commercial that RWConn found on YouTube. Man, you wouldn't believe how difficult it was to do this. Grabbing the FLV file from YouTube was one thing, but converting it, and editing it, was a pain in the ass. Stoopid codecs and stoopid compression ratios and stoopid frame rates! Anyway, it's finally there on the Motorized Wind-Up Action page, so go check it out. [I really have to update the presentation on that site soon, it's getting a little stale.]

Oh, and in other Starriors news, did you know that Bill Sienkiewicz, one of the most unique and original artists in comics, did those moody and tasteful covers for the Starriors limited series back in 1984? This makes him probably the most respected and notable name attached to the toy in any shape or form. His online gallery is pretty cool, too, if you want to check it out. Anyway, he's now selling the original paintings of the first and second Starriors covers he did, so if you've got $6,000 -- each -- head on over there and pick them up for me. I'll wait.

Clawgut? There was a Starrior named Clawgut??
» Posted 12.19.2006 10:41:54 by Agent Breakfast [Website]
oh yeah! I had the toy!
» Posted 4.03.2007 17:54:40 by james

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