The War on Terror

I had long agonized about whether to create an entry for the Starriors on Wikipedia. Shamefully, I have come to covet the fact that, which I created and maintain, is the #1 result when you search for "starriors" on Google. Considering Wikipedia's seemingly unstoppable growth in popularity, I assumed that a Starriors page on that site would almost certainly challenge my site for dominance of the titular keyword. How self-serving of me! Fortunately, someone else recently came along and created the article in question. This is good, it makes my moral quandary moot. I have since amended and improved the article in good faith, including a nice logo and a section about the lost animated episodes. I even wrote the gentlemen who started the article and thanked him.

Of course, the real secret joy is that now that there is a Starriors article to reference, I can finally create the Wikipedia article I wanted to create all along: allow me to introduce you to the R.A.T.S. — Robot Anti-Terror Squad! As I explain in the entry, R.A.T.S. was a short-lived European toyline that consisted mostly of recolors of Starriors toys, but also featured a number of completely original vehicles (that I covet). But did I create this article just to do something on Wikipedia? No! Listen as I explain how I am saving this toyline... from oblivion!

Back in 2002 when I bought, there was very little in the way of an online presence for the toy, and certainly nothing comprehensive. I built the site mostly for my own amusement, but also to stamp the internet with a mark that said, "This toy existed!"

That said, the Starriors are nowhere near as obscure as the R.A.T.S. Until now, there was really nothing online about them. I only discovered them, I think, through an ebay auction that mentioned Starriors as a reference. Since then, I've done my best to buy them all. But I'm not even sure how many there are! Listen, each R.A.T.S. box and cardback has a photo depicting all the toys in the line (I added this picture to the Wikipedia entry). I thought this gave me a complete list. But recently, I have found eBay auctions for R.A.T.S. toys that were not part of that photo, including a recolor of my favorite Starriors duo, Deadeye & Cricket (a blind, disc-firing tyrannosaur and his pterodactyl guide). These recolors, Spit-Fire & Spy-Bird, were not to be found online. Anywhere. Until I created the Wikipedia entry, the only proof that they ever existed was that they were sitting in my apartment.

Do you understand now? It has become my duty to rescue these toys. Rescue them... from oblivion!

Also to own them all. That's important, too.

As an aside, creating articles on Wikipedia is not as easy as you might think. Oh, the actual article creation itself is easy enough, but dealing with the extremely dense culture, decorum and protocols that have been created is daunting. In trying to to get that box photo image approved, I spent time on others' "Talk Pages," my own Talk Page, the Fair Use page, the various history and watchlist pages, etc. I am in no hurry to become a more active Wikipedian.

Unless I find a new toyline that needs saving, like an lost little robot kitten in the rain.

I never had an Starriors as a kid (that I know of), and certainly never heard of R.A.T.S. Kudos to you for creating such a great website for the former, and your efforts to save the memory of the latter. Pretty cool stuff!

» Posted 11.06.2006 0:10:51 by Christopher J.+Carlson [Website]
Dont know if you've seen this or not: There is at least SOME animation in existence.
» Posted 11.06.2006 7:58:04 by RWConn
Holy crap! I've been looking for Starriors animation for years! I'm going to have to scouring YouTube for more and grabbing it for Damn, soon everything ever video-recorded will be on YouTube.
» Posted 11.06.2006 9:54:55 by Botch - WEBMASTER
The Armored Battle Station was one of my first toys. Unlike my TFs, though, I gave it away when I moved :(. I think I'll have to dig the rest of my starriors out of storage someday. I always wanted Cricket and Deadeye.

Is Auntie Tank a protector or destructor?
» Posted 11.06.2006 16:37:04 by Slim [Website]
Auntie Tank is a DESTRUCTOR!!!

I thought it cool, but couldn't figure out why they gave this one toy such an unusual name until I realized that it was a play on "anti-tank". Yup.
» Posted 11.06.2006 17:47:59 by Botch - WEBMASTER
Wow, R.A.T.S! talk about a blast from the past! I still have my Grapplor (sp?) from when I was a kid. I had T-Bird, Flashfist (what the hell was he supposed to do??), Blade and Devastator, but they all either broke, or else I lost/ate their heads/weapons.
» Posted 12.29.2006 11:30:24 by ONEN
Dude. I had a Grapplor that my Dad brought back from a business trip and now, nearly 20 years later, I know what it is.

» Posted 10.16.2007 20:18:20 by Lucas [Website]
Soon everything video-recorded will be put on YouTube, linked to or embedded on my website by me.... and then once I am using it for reference the stuff will be taken down by the person that put it, or YouTube will rip it down for "copyright".
» Posted 3.27.2008 21:42:48 by Chris Arndt [Website]

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