There's a Right Way to Throw a Cat

This is Tsunami. Always chirping and mewing and meowing and whining. Always wanting attention from Doll. Shamelessly begs for it. So unjustifiably skittish all the time.

But sometimes he's cute.

Okay so, what's the right way to throw a cat?
» Posted 5.10.2006 16:23:25 by Dollface [Website]
You have to sort of grab them underneath and *lob* them. Toss them underhand in a casual arc, like pitching cat softball. You can throw them a good distance, too, but just make sure their feet are underneath them and they'll be fine.

This is assuming you don't want the cat to die. If you want the cat to die, you face them, grab them with both hands around the throat, spin around at least 180 degrees and forcefully hurl them into a wall, probably no more than 6 feet away. You might succeed in snapping their neck simply in the release, but if not, the resultant double impact of the wall and the floor should do a good deal of damage.

I'm just saying.
» Posted 5.10.2006 21:28:38 by Botch - WEBMASTER
You're not allowed to touch our cats ever again.
» Posted 5.11.2006 9:21:46 by Dollface [Website]
See the only problem with throwing the cat from it belly come when the cat deceides to latch on to your arm and rip half the skin off it. having 5 cats myself I know. 4 of them are loving and affectionate cats the fifth is mean and cruel. She had attacked one of the othe cats while I was petting her and shreded my arm in the process. I tried tossing her with the not injured arm only to have her latch on. after that I deceided she was a football befor I went to the hospital for 8 stitches. So was I justifyed in booting her accross the room...I think so.
» Posted 5.16.2006 21:21:52 by The Dark+Decepticon
8 stiches is worth a kick.
» Posted 5.18.2006 23:18:10 by Botch - WEBMASTER

» Posted 11.15.2007 10:23:58 by IllGetYouForSure
i kicked my cat. My brother then throw a chair at me. It hurt.
» Posted 1.28.2008 16:29:52 by harry

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