It's Been A Weekend

I suppose for some of you, this last weekend was about celebrating the birth of the Easter Bunny or something. For me, it was just another weekend like any other, complete with ups and downs.

On Friday night, I had a long practice with my piano trio project. It's just bass, drums, piano and vocals with me covering the latter two. We have not yet been able to decide on a name for ourselves. I like "The Three Drink Minimum," but they think it's too long and, if we're playing bars, potentially confusing and off-putting. I also like "Smoke" as I'm trying to pick something evocative of the dark lounge music we think we're playing. But that got shot down, too. In a band where the pianist loves art rock and the bassist loves Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, it's hard to pick a name. Any suggestions?

To help you brainstorm, I've got a couple of MP3s for you. They're from the afore-mentioned Friday night rehearsal, so it's just a microphone in a room, hardly professional quality. But I think they convey the gist of themselves.

A Ballad Of John Silver

Fire & Brimstone

Oh, yeah, the rest of the weekend. Saturday was pretty cool. Doll and I went to our friend Charlie's place in West New York (New Jersey) to see his cat and her five new kittens. They were very kitteny. Afterwards, we went into the city, threw back some tequila then went and saw Slither, which was surprisingly not awful. It deserves the 84% it has on

Yesterday... well, yesterday was symptomatic of a trend since Thursday, that of Doll playing the new Tomb Raider. Considering that she's been waiting for this game for months if not years, you would think it would be a cause for celebration. Instead, the game frustrates her so much that she remains in an almost perpetual bad mood the entire time. Walking through the city on Saturday and seeing Slither was the most bubbly she was since she got that fucking game. The rest of the time has been bitterness. I can't wait until she beats it.

Me? I read some Fantastic Four comics, bought some new Radiohead, digitized the piano trio rehearsal and watched Kurosawa's The Bad Sleep Well (and later, the first episodes of Beast Wars Transformers). It was a quiet Sunday, but I've had worse.

how about "Dark lounge" or "Stoned on the Couch" or "rec room trio"
» Posted 4.17.2006 20:20:58 by VBOT
I'm digging the songs you posted. Honest and gritty; and not just how they were recorded. Some names came to mind:

Thrice Murrow
Triptych Smoke
Shadow Cast Three

I know these are faily narrow in conceptual scope. Dark lounge music essence. However, Thrice Murrow is my favorite. Three pure instruments + smoke filled gritty notes = honest sound that hangs. Edward R. would dig. There's no bullshit here.

Fire & Brimstone is the shit.

o u t

» Posted 4.18.2006 10:52:32 by Jake Prime [Website]
Three Smoke Minimum
» Posted 4.18.2006 11:53:00 by Bastid
Velvet Heat
» Posted 4.18.2006 15:38:13 by Dollface [Website]
Nice. I suggest

Three Smokes Neat
Enjoy the Steak
You May Like What You Hear But We're Really Taking Over Your Brain, Have a Drink.

Just some thoughts.
» Posted 4.20.2006 12:40:14 by Sam
Update! It turns out that Eric the bassist's first choice for a name is the same as mine:

The Three Drink Minimum

This is like Rick Wakeman and Bon Scott agreeing that Led Zeppelin's best song is "Since I've Been Loving You". We're sold.
» Posted 4.25.2006 10:15:18 by Botch - WEBMASTER

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