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These are thoughts that occur to me when I think of when I think of ROADBUSTER, the 1985 Autobot Ground Assault Commander.

Posted 5.13.2015 23:30:59
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Staring down a cold, I chose to absent myself from work today in order to improve my chances of a speedy recuperation (and avoid infecting others). This gives me a chance to catch up on some recent submissions to the Transformers Box Art Archive that significantly improve upon the previous versions. The majority of the new material comes from Nukeote, again a mix of transparencies (scanned using his successful homemade lightbox scanner technique) and scanned boxes.




Fastlane & Cloudraker



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Posted 1.09.2008 14:58:42
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Now this is what I call an update. Let's start off with the new pics. The prodigal Paul Heal has returned with a bevy of improved edits: Bumblebee, Huffer, Hook, Devastator, Overbite and Overlord. They look sweet!

The Snaptrap has delivered an improved Doublecross and Mirage, as well as the new Autobot and Decepticon logos that appear throughout the site.

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Posted 5.30.2001

OK. Everybody's been working overtime. The improved scans are as follows: Frenzy, Ravage and Thundercracker (donated by Slim); Trailbreaker, Ratchet, Sludge, Smokescreen, Tracks and Whirl (donated by Scott Gray; and Long Haul and Slugfest courtesy of our old friend, Paul Heal.

And yes, we have the new addition, Override, courtesy of Mr. Gray.

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Posted 5.10.2000

Added thumbnails of each image in the archive for quicker browsing rather than adding a text-only version. It is a graphics-based page, true believers. One must expect a certain amount of load time.

Special thanks to Paul Heal and Ken Ng for donating the majority of the latest additions to the Archive: Crosshairs, Rewind, Runabout and Steeljaw; and for improved versions of Blades, Blast Off, Bluestreak, Brawl, Buzzsaw, First Aid, Groove, Hot Spot, Ironhide, Ratchet, Swindle, Vortex and Whirl. Go to Latest Additions to check out these new entries.

Posted 1.29.1999

Added Whirl. Preliminary registration with search engines complete. Updated necessary pages for the additional of new characters. Twin Twist arrived in the mail today. Will announce page to Transformers community today. Hoping they like it.

Posted 1.04.1999