At this point I own about, oh, 85-90% of all US-released G1 Transformers. Of the remaining 10-15%, there's about 5 or 6 that I really want. Then there are the ones that I'm willing to get if they're not too expensive: grabbing a Triggerbot for $2, or taking Groundpounder off someone's hands for a single buck. Then there are the ones that, through some combination of expense, rarity and lack of interest, I will probably never, ever get. Case in point! The two latest improved entries in the Archive:


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Posted 6.07.2015 22:46:00

Five new characters added to the Archive today, making this a much better Tuesday than I anticipated. Now if only all my immediate superiors would die.

Scowl, Ruckus, Skyhammer and Roadgrabber have all been edited by the prolific Ginrai, while Splashdown comes to us courtesy of SoapyToys. Of course, these scans are evidence of the generosity of Jeff Morris and Stocky. The efforts of all the above-mentioned people are greatly appreciated.

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Posted 8.24.1999