At this point I own about, oh, 85-90% of all US-released G1 Transformers. Of the remaining 10-15%, there's about 5 or 6 that I really want. Then there are the ones that I'm willing to get if they're not too expensive: grabbing a Triggerbot for $2, or taking Groundpounder off someone's hands for a single buck. Then there are the ones that, through some combination of expense, rarity and lack of interest, I will probably never, ever get. Case in point! The two latest improved entries in the Archive:


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Posted 6.07.2015 22:46:00

I just couldn't help my crabby self. I edited the scan of Roadblock, the 1989 Decepticon Ultra Pretender, and added him to the Archive. This is yet another scan generously donated by Jeff Morris.
Parenthetically, I was bored and cleaned up the Blitzwing in 1985 Decepticons. I also added the banner for rec.music.dementia, which is Jeff Morris' Dr. Demento website.

Posted 7.15.1999