So let's try a little experiment. As we all know, the marvelous Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging book finally came out a few months ago. I had always intended to start improving some of the sub-par entries in our Archive by scanning from the book, but my sub-par scanner was not up to the task. Getting a good scan of these pages is difficult! Plus the pages are larger than your typical letter- or legal-sized scanner. So I bit the bullet, purchased a Mustek A3 1200S oversize scanner, and got to work. In one day I scanned over 20 characters! And then I did some color comparisons and realized my settings were all wrong so I deleted them all. (Sigh) I recalibrated and then in another day I scanned over 20 characters! Now I need your help.

The Archive has always been a collaborative effort. The site would not be where it is today without the efforts of fellow fans scanning and editing whenever and wherever they could. Well, I'm asking for your help again. This time we're going to experiment with a more free-flowing format.

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Posted 4.02.2015 0:49:47
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The Pretender Gargoyles return!! RUN! HIDE! SCREAM! DIE!!!

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Posted 9.12.2008 0:59:02
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If you were to observe the bed in which Dollface and I nightly rest our weary bodies, you would see that it is perfectly situated between two street-facing windows. What you might not be able to see without peering behind the sleigh-style headboard are our two silent guardians, frightening away unquiet spirits, warding off ill will, protecting us from prying eyes. Our Pretender Gargoyles!

For those of you who aren't aware of them, Pretenders were a completely idiotic concept introduced in 1988 for reasons that escape me. In short, the gimmick is that there are tiny Autobots and Decepticons inside these organic-looking outer shells. They're in disguise, see? No one would ever suspect that a giant bipedal iguana-man, or a giant insect-man, or even a 20-foot tall human in a space suit were actually Transformers! In reality, the shells are stupid-looking, the little robots inside suffer from extremely poor articulation and often do not really resemble any kind of actual vehicle at all, and no humans were ever deceived by the giant iguana-man. So in general, I don't collect Pretenders. However, we return to the two mystery-bots that stand vigil while we sleep...

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Posted 3.20.2006 17:00:00
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It appears that Ginrai is on a roll. He's edited Bristleback, Finback and Groundbreaker! These scans are courtesy of Jeff Morris and Stocky. You can view them in the slightly re-formatted Latest Additions.

Less than two hours later... Mr. Ginrai is trying to kill me. He has sent in two more edits: Iguanus and Octopunch. At this rate, I'll be dead by September.

Posted 8.20.1999