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I love new art of our site mascot, Botch the Decepticon Cassette-Crab. I've had some of these for a while and have been remiss in promptly posting them. I'm happy to finally share them with you!

First up is a sketch of Botch that I commissioned from Matt Kuphaldt, a TF fan who is actually responsible for some official Transformers artwork, including some Dreamwave "More Than Meets The Eye" profiles. Matt was doing sketches and selling prints at CybCon this year and I introduced myself and requested this Botch sketch:

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Posted 9.18.2013 22:56:29
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Why am I collecting Transformer Kreons?

Do I really love cute and/or kitsch versions of Transformers that much?

Though I immediately saw the appeal when they first debuted, I resisted because the brick sets were too expensive to buy just to get hold of the little Lego-style TF figure that came in the package.

Then my friend Ryan gave me three. Optimus Prime, Skywarp and Bluestreak.

Just gave them to me. Just like that. Like it was nothing.

What a bastard.

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Posted 10.30.2012 22:53:15
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I haven't been blogging as much, I know. I've been busy. With stuff. All of which I will tell you about right now. (If you care about my personal life, there's a lot about that to follow. If you only care about Transformers, skip down to the pictures below.)

Notably, Dollface and I flew to the east coast for my brother's wedding. Which I officiated. (I've done it before.) Except this time I was mercilessly hungover. Don't worry, the attendees couldn't tell. Everything went off without a hitch, no one could see my suffering. This time, instead of memorizing the service -- which included writing their vows and lots "they've already been together eleven years" humor -- I read it off my Android phone. Welcome to the future.

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Posted 9.30.2012 20:59:56
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Some months ago, Camson Tran brought to my attention a Japanese variant I was missing. It turns out that the art for Road King -- the Japanese release of the Autobot Powermaster Slapdash -- is different in the, um, chest area. (Hey! My eyes are up here!) Whereas Slapdash is wearing his "yellow engine" halter top, Road King has his Powermaster engine protecting his modesty. Those crazy Japanese. So I emailed heroic_decepticon, who forwarded along a scan from his friend ZFEAKYE (pronounced "huh?") of The Cave Collection, which I promptly passed along to Ginraii, who took time out of his busy schedule doing CGI for the Transformers movies to edit it. And NOW, FINALLY, BEHOLD! (Road King left, Slapdash right.) Thanks, everybody!

Are you wondering what else has been going on in Botch's Transformers-Filled Life...?

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Posted 8.21.2012 22:30:03
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