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They were always paired together in the cartoon, these two, weren't they? Hoist (left) was the jovial bot in charge of Autobot maintenance, and Grapple (right) was the resident architect. They weren't warriors, of course, but I've always enjoyed the non-combat characters that figure into the Transformers' war. You can't have a functioning army without medics and engineers! But did they really need to make the voices of both these characters somewhat poncy with an vaguely English accent? I don't think so.

Of all the Autobots whose lives were ruined by the war, I think Grapple's fate is one of the more tragic. Here you have a guy who was one of Cybertron's prized architects who had to watch as one by one all his greatest works were destroyed. With little choice but to join the Autobot army, he is still building and designing architecture, but none of it is meant to last. If they're not intentionally built as temporary structures, they're made so by inevitable exposure to enemy attack. This impermanence and artistic futility makes Grapple prone to depression. It's a good thing he has the always high-spirited Hoist to buoy him up. Actually, if you look at his box art there, Grapple looks kind of pissed. I wouldn't fuck with him.

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Posted 7.16.2009 22:51:27
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Oh, but we have a big update today. The following improved scans come from Scott Gray: Hound, Grapple, Swoop, Snarl, Inferno, Hoist and Slag. An improved Optimus Prime comes from Grimmbot. Slim donated the following improved scans taken from Rockman's site: Rumble, Skywarp, Soundwave, Bombshell, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Scrapper, Shrapnel and Bruticus.

And most notably, courtesy of Mr. Gray, we have an -ok- scan of Runamuck to finally add to the Archive! This takes care of all the Decepticons, and we just need two more Autobots (Pipes and Override).

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