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I don't love Japanese things simply because they're Japanese. I just happen to love a great many Japanese things! Like Transformers. Akira Kurosawa movies. Sushi. The Lone Wolf and Cub manga series and the code of bushido in general. Godzilla. Soy sauce.

I'm not much of a traveler, but without question Japan sits at the top of my list of places I want to visit. And believe it or not, one of my best friends from high school and New York City actually lives in Tokyo now, and has offered to let me crash at his place anytime I like!

Sadly, the days of standby flying are over and the minimum cost to fly roundtrip to Tokyo is around $1,100. Then, even without a hotel, assuming I would be spending money to eat, drink, entertain myself and buy Transformers, that would be at least another $1,000. (The exchange rate from US dollars to Japanese yen is not in my favor.) I just can't afford that right now, or more accurately, I can't rationalize spending that money when it is needed for other things at home.

So in the interim I will just have to content myself with posting greatly improved images of several Japanese-exclusive Destrons and Cybertrons!

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Posted 10.10.2010 13:05:31
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Because he is awesome and insane, Heroic Decepticon sent me a Japanese Transformers "collecting" book (here) that featured some sporadic but desirable box art within its pulpy pages. The resolution wasn't divine, but in a few instances it was still better than what we already had in the Archive. From this assemblage, I have posted a couple scans in the Help the Archive for you to edit out the backgrounds, if you are so skilled and inclined: Springer, Grimlock, Dai Atlas, and Raiden. Editable yumminess.

Some scans that didn't really need fancy editing have already been added to the Archive, including Sixbuilder and Grandus (seen above). I also updated the Victory back-of-the-box art, but the improvement is only moderate since I'm pretty sure both the new scan and the old are from the same source... but my new scan is better, so eh, why not? If you really think you could do something magical with my original 600dpi scan, let me know.

OK, I have two new pics for you, then I need your help. First, the new stuff! Dewoitine Dassault Rafale, aka Joe, did a fucking awesome job editing the art for Grand, the Headmaster/Pretender of Japan's own Grand Maximus. You like? This little pic from the front of G-Max's box shows the Pretender leaping out of his shell and transforming into his cerebral mode. ("... and I'll form the head!") I get the feeling that Grand was seen in his non-Pretender non-Headmaster robot mode about as often as naughty Hindu children see Santa Claus. Which is to say, never. In addition, Matthew Cook, aka Matt, scanned his Windcharger backing card, and with a little illustrative assistance from the pre-existing art was able to deliver a much-improved version of the quick little Autobot warrior. Thanks, guys!

OK, now here's the part I need your help with. As you may or may not know, a lot of original G1 box art transparencies have been auctioned on eBay recently. These are reproductions of the original art onto transparent plastic; they were used by Hasbro in laying out packaging and other materials. You know, before computers did everything. They're really, really great second-generation presentations of the box art, absolutely perfect... if you're viewing them through a lightbox, which very few of us have. Even fewer of us have access to lightbox scanners.

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Posted 3.25.2007 19:15:50
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Happily, Ginrai(i) has survived the recent extreme weather in Europe by giving us an improved version of the Autobot cassette and audio correspondent, Grand Slam. Doesn't anyone else think it's pretty cool that separately neither Grand Slam nor Raindance have anything resembling an anthropomorphic form until they merge into Slamdance? I think it's a nifty gimmick. I keep meaning to pick these guys up, but, you know: money.

Also, Dewoitine Dassault Rafale, who is not in Brazil, has bravely done the best anyone can really do with the box art for Grand Maximus. Like many of his Japanese-exclusive contemporaries, GM's box art was covered by kanji and toy photos, etc. Maybe, one day, someone will find a full picture of his box art somewhere. In the meantime, this is what we have. Good night, Seattle, we love you!

Posted 1.28.2007 19:20:24
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Eddie has posted even more original Transformers box art for sale, and he was kind enough to let me know about it so I could pass the information along to you. Got some serious cash to spend? Go buy some. And then send me a really freakin' high-resolution scan, 'kay? In the meantime, quite a few of Eddie's posted photos are themselves of significantly high enough quality to replace the existing pics in the archive. Get ready for 11 improved pics:

Grand Slam



Grimlock (Pretender)





and lastly and leastly, Starscream (Pretender)


Yes, it's been a long time since there has been an update to the Archive — almost exactly a year. In my defense, this is a good-sized update. The obvious thing is that all of BotchTheCrab.com has been redesigned, including the Archive. Like it? Let me know by posting a comment (link below).

First, we have a couple of new entries. Blayne King was nice enough to scan and edit Doubleclouder for treacherous inclusion among the Cybertons. Additionally, Slim gives us a much-improved Ravage. Check 'em out!

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Posted 7.19.2005
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A couple of corrections and additions. First corrections: A database got in the way of displaying the camera-mode box art for Reflector, courtesy of Vicken. I also neglected to mention that Vicken supplied the Buster edit.

For additions, 泰师傅 sent in a much-improved Grand Slam. I love improved images.

Posted 7.08.2002

Reports of my being served on a bed of rice are greatly exaggerated. Thanks to everyone who kept writing me over the last year. I was in a hole. I still am. Nevertheless

Many thanks to Andrew Perti of G1TF.com for editing the Streetwise scan and Douglas Thomson for editing the Soundwave & Rumble scan. 泰师傅 donated a much-improved Star Convoy and Paul Heal donated a much-improved God Ginrai. Lanny Ellis sent in a nice Sixwing and a thank-you to mercian for pointing out that I had switched Dial and Saur.

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Posted 7.07.2002

This be Botch. Hello all.
Welcome to miasmic halls.
This common click ties thou and we,
when clicking through the net we be;
I, the click of pedal units
dancing on metallic floors;
you, a fat flat-headed mouse,
or keys for those the "pet" abhors.

Cloak and dagger be my run...
well, cloak and acid-pellet gun.
Decepticon (but aren't we all?);
caustic; cold; with twice the gall
of bots three four five times my size:
modesty is not my pride.
I'm known to code a line or two
that rhymes for me, if not for you.

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Posted 3.23.1999