I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I got a shit-ton of cool stuff, especially lots of great books. Transformers-wise, Dollface got me a set of unopened vintage Transformers View-Master reels. Of course, this leaves me with the quandary of whether or not to de-virginize and enjoy this set or leave it in its pristine state. (Hint: toys are made to be opened, no matter how long the wait.) I also got this awesome Decepticon-loving shirt:

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Posted 12.28.2013 14:52:20
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"Yo, Box Art Archive, I'm really happy for you, I'm-a let you finish... but Micromasters are the best Transformers of all time!"

Well, shit, I have some really great pieces to upload, like Stunticons and a Dinobot, and hopefully I can do some of that this weekend, but since Kanye drunkenly insists, let me get these Micromasters out the way.

Almost two years ago I requested that some people help me get scans from the front of the Micromaster Patrol cards so that, in addition to each individual Micromaster, I had an accurate version of how they appeared as a group on their package, overlaps and all. Well, Neo Kerberos has graciously fulfilled that request. The first batch he delivered went up some time ago, and I now present the rest of them. Thanks, Neo!

Air Patrol

Race Track Patrol

Military Patrol

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