I know, I know. I've been delinquent in attending to your blog-reading needs. I apologize, I've been busy. Band has been rehearsing and writing and gigging. Some freelance stuff. But the thing that kept me most occupied all last week was preparing for my first time hosting a Transfans get-together. I wanted everything to be perfect in its presentation. To this end I did a little redecorating.

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Yup. That's the kind of hard-core Starriors fan I am. An auction for Starriors napkins came up on eBay, and I just could not refuse. I mentioned this to some friends, and while they very much understood my desire for the item, they quickly asked how much I was actually willing to pay to secure them. $5? $25? $50? I confess, my max bid was in the area of $20, but the auction went to me for the starting bid of $3, which truly proves that no one else is as hard-core as I am. I might use them one day, if I ever hosted an event with people who would appreciate them. I cannot for the life of me conceive of such an event now, but we can't rule it out.

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Posted 5.12.2007 12:38:33
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I recently completed my collection of R.A.T.S. toys, the Robot Anti-Terror Squad! It took a few years, from discovery to relentless pursuit (via eBay), but at last it is complete. (I think.) In celebration of this achievement, and in keeping with my archival efforts, I photographed each piece for posterity.

Click here to view my Robot Anti-Terror Squad image gallery!

Posted 1.10.2007 23:49:57
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I just updated with an MPEG of the Starriors commercial that RWConn found on YouTube. Man, you wouldn't believe how difficult it was to do this. Grabbing the FLV file from YouTube was one thing, but converting it, and editing it, was a pain in the ass. Stoopid codecs and stoopid compression ratios and stoopid frame rates! Anyway, it's finally there on the Motorized Wind-Up Action page, so go check it out. [I really have to update the presentation on that site soon, it's getting a little stale.]

Oh, and in other Starriors news, did you know that Bill Sienkiewicz, one of the most unique and original artists in comics, did those moody and tasteful covers for the Starriors limited series back in 1984? This makes him probably the most respected and notable name attached to the toy in any shape or form. His online gallery is pretty cool, too, if you want to check it out. Anyway, he's now selling the original paintings of the first and second Starriors covers he did, so if you've got $6,000 -- each -- head on over there and pick them up for me. I'll wait.

Posted 12.17.2006 19:09:41
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I had long agonized about whether to create an entry for the Starriors on Wikipedia. Shamefully, I have come to covet the fact that, which I created and maintain, is the #1 result when you search for "starriors" on Google. Considering Wikipedia's seemingly unstoppable growth in popularity, I assumed that a Starriors page on that site would almost certainly challenge my site for dominance of the titular keyword. How self-serving of me! Fortunately, someone else recently came along and created the article in question. This is good, it makes my moral quandary moot. I have since amended and improved the article in good faith, including a nice logo and a section about the lost animated episodes. I even wrote the gentlemen who started the article and thanked him.

Of course, the real secret joy is that now that there is a Starriors article to reference, I can finally create the Wikipedia article I wanted to create all along: allow me to introduce you to the R.A.T.S. — Robot Anti-Terror Squad! As I explain in the entry, R.A.T.S. was a short-lived European toyline that consisted mostly of recolors of Starriors toys, but also featured a number of completely original vehicles (that I covet). But did I create this article just to do something on Wikipedia? No! Listen as I explain how I am saving this toyline... from oblivion!

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Posted 11.05.2006 18:47:37
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I thought I'd share with you a little update I just made to, the site I own that is obviously devoted to my second-favorite early 80's robots, the Starriors. Aside from the handful of Marvel comics, there isn't much in the way of Starriors merchandise out there. However! Remember those Peter Pan Book and Record sets from decades ago? Well, there was not but one, but two Starriors Book and Record sets produced. So what do I do? I scanned the books, digitized the audio, and used my middling Flash and ActionScript skills to make an audio slideshow for each set!

You can view them both here (along with some action videos of my motorized Starriors chasing around one of our four-legged radioactive monsters). The stories are about 12 to 16 minutes each -- you know, about as long as a children's Book and Record set.

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Posted 9.05.2006 23:29:06
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